• Fig 1. Insulin Chemical Structure0

    N2Slin Profile

    Insulin is the single most important hormone in the body for gaining muscle mass and losing fat because it is …

  • Fig 1. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (Tudca) chemical structure0

    Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (Tudca)

    Anybody who uses oral steroids should know that one of the most alarming concerns is the strain on the liver. …

  • Vitamin B120

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is one of the most popular and widely used of all the supplements in the industry today. We have he…

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  • Fig 1. Nubain Chemical Structure0


    Nubain is the brand name of the semi-synthetic opioid (narcotic) Nalbuphine, which is used commercially a…

  • Fig 2. Cortisol Chemical Structure0

    The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)


    I’ve been writing about the perfect PCT stack for a while, and it seems a lot of guys sti…

  • Carl Lewis Sprinting0

    Carl Lewis Steroid cycle

    Carl Lewis, full name: Frederick Carlton “Carl” Lewis, is one of the most famous Olympic athl…

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  • Fig 1. Metabolism Overview2

    5 Steps to Boost your Metabolic Rate

    Step 1 – Figure out your BMR.

    Even if you sit in front of the computer all day, you have a BMR (Basal metab…

  • The Paleo Diet0

    The Paleo Diet

    The Paleo Diet is not something that is new to the fitness world. This diet has been around for a while and its o…

  • Raw Food Diet0

    Raw Food Diet

    Let’s take a look at the Raw Food diet and try to get an understanding of what it implies. A raw food lifestyl…

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