• Fig 1. N2Slin Bottle0

    N2Slin V2 and Bulking?

    The main problem when people bulk is making the most muscle gains out of the calories they consume, without g…

  • Fig 1. Dandelion flower0

    Dandelion Root Extract

    Dandelion is a herbal plant that has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Arabian medicine for its …

  • Fig 1. Alpha GPC0

    ALPHA GPC Facts

    ALPA GPC is a precursor for the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which is vital in memory formation and a nu…

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  • Tren E vs Tren A0

    Tren E vs Tren A

    Trenbolone Enanthate

    Trenbolone enanthate (or Tren E, TE), unlike testosterone-based steroids, does no…

  • First cycle Deca Durabolin2

    First cycle Deca Durabolin

    Stats: 22 years old, 155 lbs , 5 foot 9 inches, around 10% bodyfat

    A few problems:

    1) You are too young for stero…

  • Mike Mentzer Steroids Cycle0

    Mike Mentzer Steroids Cycle

    Mike Mentzer is one of the most famous bodybuilders of our time. I consider him the godfather of the modern HI…

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  • What Is The Atkins Diet?0

    What Is The Atkins Diet?

    In 1972 the Atkins Diet was introduced by Dr. Robert Atkins who was a cardiologist. The diet came about when M…

  • Fig 1. SouthBeach diet chart0

    The South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet was created by a cardiologist and a dietician.  Arthur Agatston (cardiologist), and …

  • Carb Cycling0

    Carb Cycling

    Most of us eat pretty much the same way every day — similar foods, similar amounts, similar timing. As a res…

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