• L-Norvaline0


    L-Norvaline is a form of the Branched Chain Amino Acid L-Valine, but aside from L-Valine’s normal be…

  • Fig 1. Nitratine0


    Nitratine is a supplement that is derived from nitrate produced in the body. Naturally, it can be obtained f…

  • Fig 2. Aromatase Enzyme0

    How to properly use Letrozone

    Letrozone is the awesome new estrogen inhibitor from  This product can be used both during th…

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  • Rob Riches Steroids Cycle0

    Rob Riches Steroids Cycle

    Rob Riches is one of the most popular supplement designers and fitness models out there. Not only because of …

  • Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle 3.02

    Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle 3.0

    In my last article (Evo Anti-Gyno Cure 2.0) discussing gynecomastia, better known as puffy nipples or bitc…

  • Fig 1. Androgel Box0


    Androgel (transdermal testosterone) is a topical gel that is applied to the skin, in order to help men with l…

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  • Fig 1. SouthBeach diet chart0

    The South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet was created by a cardiologist and a dietician.  Arthur Agatston (cardiologist), and …

  • 6 pack abs meal plan0

    6 pack abs meal plan

    I have devoted many years of my life to fitness, I take pride in helping people achieve their goals of looking …

  • Cutting weight for MMA fighters0

    Cutting weight for MMA fighters

    For most of today’s MMA fighters, cutting weight plays a huge part in the strategy of fighting in certain w…

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