Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle

gynecomastia chestGynecomastia, better known as bitch tits, is pretty much a problem for almost every bodybuilder. For the 90%+ of us who are not genetically gifted, we face the risk of gyno problems during almost every cycle. However, there is a solution for this that has been tried and tested on countless individuals. It is a miracle cure for gynecomastia unlike anything you have ever seen.

However, I would like to address the following before we go forward. Anyone who reads this article and critiques it, has to realize that we are on the internet, so there is no possible way to get a bloodwork from every individual. Therefore, we have to make educated guess based on our experience as to why this person has gynecomastia, and since most gyno cases are caused by the same problem – the solution is almost always the same.

NOTE 1: You have to TAPER UP and DOWN the use of Letrozole; otherwise, you'll have a nasty estrogen rebound.

NOTE 2: The average anti-gyno therapy lasts 4 weeks, but it's VERY subjective. Some extreme cases of gynecomastia require longer cycles, some shorter. You'll have to be a bit subjective with your case and only taper down once you feel your gyno is gone.

Note 3: While this might sound like extreme therapy to some, remember that the alternative is surgery (going under a knife!), so this isn't a joke!

Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle:

Week Letrozole Nolvadex Dostinex N2Guard
1 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D 2 caps AM+2 caps PM
2 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D 2 caps AM+2 caps PM
3 2.5mgs/ED 60mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D “same”
4 2.5mgs/ED 60mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D “same”
5 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs/week “same”
6 1mg/ED 20mgs/ED 0.25mg/10 days “same”
7 1mg/ED 20mgs/ED None “same”
8 0.5mgs/ED 10mgs/ED None “same”
9 0.5mgs/ED 10mgs/ED None “same”
10 0.25mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
11 0.25mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
12 0.125mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
13 None 5mgs/ED “same”
*ED = every day*E3D = every 3 days*None = stop using

*HCGenerate 2 caps AM/2 caps PM - every day

*same = same as the previous dose



10 Responses to “Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle”

  1. dabears7678 says:

    so, im starting on gear(clen,test,var,winny) and letro also but i already have onset gyno for years. i do have a weight problem and part of my gyno is just fat, but will this help with the mass also?
    or should i drop all i can before starting this cycle?
    thanks for your help

  2. admin says:

    You should get rid of your gynecomastia before starting your cycle.

    • rollnovah rollnovah says:

      After my last cycle, although I did have a good PCT, I am hit with a severe estrogen rebound. I had a sense that I always had puberty gyno but wasn’t sure, so now I am going to follow the above protocol.

      I have a couple of questions:
      1. If everything stabilizes in 8 weeks could I start a cycle after another 4 weeks? What I mean is 8 weeks of the Gyno reversal cycle and 4 weeks just remaining clean?

      2. I am facing Test Atrophy, could I incorporate HCG administered at 1,000/week and run this for only two weeks while being on the above cycle? The reason for this is I have noticed when I ran a T3 and Clen stack. Although I was losing, I noticed an estrogen rebound in the process and atrophy.

      Many thanks for your help!

  3. Firemedic19 says:

    How would this work for someone on TRT? Testosterone cypionate 100mg/week? Had gyno prior to TRT from a bad cycle.

  4. Tigermurse says:

    I’m currently in week 3 of this and I just found version 2. Any recommendations on switching over to v2. I have all the supplies already.

  5. Pistolpete says:

    Anyone got links to sites where I can pick up the required gear to eliminate my gyno!? cheers

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