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LL Cool J Steroid Cycle

LL Cool J Before and After

LL Cool J, Real name: James Todd Smith, is a famou…

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Bryce Harper Steroid Cycle

Bryce Harper Training

Bryce Aron Max Harper is an American profession…

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Manny Ramirez Steroid Cycle

Manny Ramirez in China

Manny Ramirez is regarded by many as one of the mo…

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Jason Giambi Steroid Cycle

Jason Giambi Training

Jason Gilbert Giambi, the American League MVP i…

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Shawne Merriman Steroid Cycle

Shawne Merriman at beach

Nicknamed “Lights Out”, Shawne DeAndre Merrim…

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Dave Bautista Steroid Cycle

Dave Bautista Training

David Michael “Dave” Bautista, Jr. is a former p…

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MK-2866 with Steroids

MK-2866 with Steroids

We are all looking to make progress and achieve t…

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Lou Ferrigno Steroid cycle

Lou Ferrigno Posing

Lou Ferrigno is the monster we know that compete…

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Carl Lewis Steroid cycle

Carl Lewis Sprinting

Carl Lewis, full name: Frederick Carlton “Carl…

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Ben Johnson Steroid Cycle

Ben Johnson @ 1988 Olympics

Editors Note: After writing this article and re…

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Derek Poundstone Steroid Cycle

Derek Poundstone Posing

Derek Poundstone is one of the most celebrated s…

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Cung Le Steroid Cycle

Cung Le Before and After

Cung Le is one of those MMA fighters that has hist…

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Bill Romanowski Steroid cycle

Bill Romanowski NFL

William Thomas “Bill” Romanowski, better know…

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Víctor Martínez Steroid Cycle

Víctor Martínez Front Pose

Víctor Martínez is a IFBB professional bodyb…

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TRT, Cruising and Bridging

Me during my Bridge/Cruise.

As the dreaded time comes to complete your cycle…

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Water retention on a cycle

Bodybuilder with water retention

Everyone knows that a steroid cycle brings cert…

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Branch Warren Steroid Cycle

Branch Warren @ 2012 Arnold Classic

Branch Warren is one of the biggest enigmas in bo…

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Shawn Rhoden Steroid Cycle

Shawn Rhoden Side Abs Pose

Shawn Rhoden, better known as “Flexatron,…

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