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2023 Para Pharma Reviews Discussed


para pharma

Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In this episode #45, Steve and Mobster go over some of the top Para Pharma reviews of 2023.  They also will dive into why Para Pharma has been rapidly becoming popular and successful.  The guys also go over their own experiences with using the products.

Why Para Pharma

Steve starts this segment by talking about the variety of products that Para Pharma has to offer no matter what your situation.  They have oral steroids, injectable steroids, and all the ancillaries you need on or off cycle to be most successful.  He also loves the confidence he has in their products.  An example of this is when you take 500mgs of Testosterone, you know you are using the right amounts.  Steve says that most steroids that are out there, being sold on the black market, are either fake or underdosed.  You don't have to worry about that with Para Pharma because their products are vetted and tested BEFORE they sell them to you. This is proved with independent testing by users, where they send out the products anonymously, without para pharma knowing anything, and the results were excellent.

Mobster says over the years you were at the mercy of your shady steroid dealer when it comes to getting steroids that were legit or not.  It was not possible in those days to send out products to be tested, so dealers were able to get away with selling fake or underdosed products for a longer time. Today, such a thing is harder to pull off because we can vet the products first. Para Pharma products come with certificates of analysis that are recent, so you can rest assured you are getting high-quality products. They also pride themselves on great customer service, high-quality reps, and fast shipping/delivery times.  All this while keeping their products fairly priced along with various sales and promotions to reward loyal customers.  This is why Para Pharma has a 99% retention rate with their customers.

Para Pharma reviews of 2023


The first review comes from Teisbeo and was posted in October.  He mentions that he was able to work with one of Para Pharma's reps named Quadsweep who helped design him a cycle.  Mobster says that it would be so easy to convince a person to run way more products than they need just to make a sale.  However, in this case, Quadsweep put together a solid cycle for the reviewer which involved Testosterone, Equipoise, Primo, and Anavar.   The person was impressed with the quality of the products and speedy shipping and thanked all the hard-working reps for helping him design the perfect cycle for his needs.



The next review comes from Charles Davis who mentioned how customer service helped him with using Bitcoin which ended up being a smooth transaction.  He was pleased that his tracking number was sent so quickly and he got his order delivered in 5 days.  He loved the Para Pharma Long Stack 300 and he says he gained 15 pounds while also looking leaner.  Overall, he gives the experience a full 5 stars and says he will be back to order more for sure.



The next review comes from Pat7x who says he tried Para Pharma Test E250.  He says the bloodwork proved it was legit because he ran 250-300mgs per week and his numbers came in at a solid 1700ng/dl.  He also says the customer service is awesome and very polite. He finishes the review by saying domestic shipping was extremely fast and he loves their products.



The next review comes from CaputoNL who reports on his overall experience. He says that he has been using Para Pharma for a year after stumbling upon them and every transaction has been simple and quick so he highly recommends them. He has used their Boldo EQ500, Test E, Anadrol, and Dianabol (both oral and injectable).  He has had the products randomly tested and says that they come in at 103% pure.  In the entire year he has used Para Pharma he's gone from 174 pounds up to 200 pounds and his BMI has dropped 10%.




The next review is from Veruasei who says he has nothing but positive vibes and words for his Para Pharma experience. His products always arrived safely and they put in the extra effort to make sure everything was good. He also loves the prices of the products. He has used their Anavar and Primo and he loves that he's able to get leaner and put on size at the same time.




JueOwl says that he is using 150 milligrams of testosterone enanthate from Para Pharma and he has tested his blood work and it's at 1250ng/dl four weeks into the cycle.   He says that it is very potent and well dosed gear and he has had to drop the dosage lower to get his numbers under 1000ng/dl to mimic a TRT dose.  He is excited to try some of the other products next!




The next review comes from Topps_Baseball88.   He says that the ordering process was a breeze and the communication was A+.   Shipping is lightning fast and the overall look and quality of Para Pharma is A+.  He said he ordered 2 bottles of Test Cyp, 4 bottles of Primobolan, and 1 Arimidex.




Bzeriao makes a review on Para Pharma and he says it was his first time using it. He decided to try their Tren Ace and do 50mgs a day, along with Test Prop 50mgs EOD.  On top of that, he ran Mast Prop 100mgs ED. He describes his results as amazing and beast quality.   He put on 8 pounds while also losing body fat and says he is down to 8% and looks amazing in the mirror. His goal was never to compete, but he says if it continues like this he might have to get into a bodybuilding competition.




Mobster finishes up the podcast talking about his own experience with Para Pharma.  He posted a log  here if you want to read more: https://www.elitefitness.com/forum/threads/mobsters-ugfreak-parapharma-1-month-trenbolone-cut-log.1510454/

He was impressed with their fast shipping and high-quality products and will definitely use them again.


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