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[2024] Dangers to Liver and Kidneys from oral steroids

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org UG Supplements #16 - [2024] Dangers to Liver and Kidneys from oral steroids.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster discuss Liver and kidney facts, talk about different bodybuilders and their illnesses from oral steroid use, what to look for when looking at bloodwork, and why support supplements are mandatory when using oral steroids.

Liver and Kidney Facts

Steve first discusses what the liver and kidneys are in the body.

He starts with the kidneys and says they are 2 reddish/brown bean-shaped organs that filter blood. Located on the left and right in the retroperitoneal space and are around 4-5 inches long.  They get blood from the arteries and exit into the renal veins.  The kidney's job is to remove toxins from the blood.  When your kidneys no longer function correctly then a person will sometimes require dialysis which involves having the person plugged up to a machine so it can artificially filter their blood for 3-4 hours several times per week. Without dialysis, a person with poor-functioning kidneys will probably die pretty quickly and this is why older bodybuilders find themselves needing this or else.

The liver is a major metabolic organ found in vertebrate animals and it is very important for detoxing.  For humans, it is located in the right upper area of the abdomen and is shielded by our ribs.  It also serves other purposes including storage of glucose/glycogen, decomposition of red blood cells, producing hormones, and carb metabolism.

Steve explains that both the kidneys and the liver will experience massive strain when using oral anabolic steroids, especially ones that are 17AA such as Winstrol, Halo, Anadrol, Anavar, Tbol, Superdrol, many pro hormones, etc.

Bodybuilders that have illnesses and what we can learn

Mobster goes over a list of pro bodybuilders who have suffered from liver and kidney issues over the years.  They include Frank McGrath who was already born with 1 kidney.  Flex Wheeler, who abused steroids for years.  Faoud Abiad, Don Long, Shaun Davis, Chris Bumstead, Michael Fransen, etc all have abused steroids and have damage to their organ health.

The guys warn that once you require kidney dialysis it will be for life and kidney transplants are hard to come by and aren't always going to work.


What to look for in bloodwork with liver/kidneys

In this segment, Steve does an amazing job going over how to interpret bloodwork in regards to kidney and liver and what these numbers mean.

He starts with BUN which is blood urea nitrogen.  This measures the amount of urea nitrogen in your blood which gives a signal of how well your kidneys are functioning.  Urea nitrogen is a waste product that is filtered out by the kidneys via the urine.

The normal level of BUN should be 6-20 mg/dl.

Next is creatinine which tells you also how well your kidneys are filtering waste.  Creatinine is a waste product that comes from breaking down muscle tissue and digestion of protein which also gets removed via the urine.

Normal creatinine levels should be .76-1.27 mg/dl.

BUN/creatinine ratio measures the concentration of both substances and this should be 9-20.

It is common for those who have high protein diets, train hard, and use oral anabolic steroids to have strained levels of the above, which is a red flag for kidney issues.


The next 2 Steve talks about are AST and ALT which should have normal levels of 0-40 IU/L.

AST is a protein produced by liver cells that helps the body break down amino acids and if too much leaks into the bloodstream it can be an indicator of liver damage.

ALT is an enzyme found mostly in the liver and measures the amount found in the blood.  Just like with AST, too much getting into the blood is a signal that liver damage is happening.


Steve says he has seen countless bloodwork with elevated AST and ALT, and it should normalize after a steroid cycle or else it could mean you did a lot of damage to the liver beyond repair.


Why support supplements work and are mandatory

N2bm put together an excellent product called N2guard which is a blend of ingredients to help with everything in the body from A to Z.  Specifically, liver and kidney supplements are important to help your body while on oral steroids and that is what N2guard has in them.

Steve starts with what he calls the #1 support supplement on earth and that is TUDCA.  He says the original N2guard did not have it, but they started to include it around 10 years ago because it is so important.   TUDCA is very popular in China and this ingredient is the best for liver and kidney support.

Another great liver option is picroliv which is considered one of the best pure liver supplements.  Milk Thistle was the #1 selling liver supplement for bodybuilders for years and it works even better as part of this formula.

When it comes to kidney health N2guard has you covered with an array of vitamins and minerals that help your body detox. The guys go over several of their favorite kidney ingredients including Vitamin D and Parsley Leaf.

Why N2bm products

Mobster says N2bm products are extremely hard to produce. N2guard contains 44 ingredients and they have the perfect synergy add black pepper extract (piperine) that will help you absorb all of them.

Steve says there is no point to use a product that costs half as much that has 8 crappy ingredients that won't do a thing for you except drain your wallet.  He says N2guard should be run at 7 caps per day, however, if you want to save some money and are using a milder cycle you can go 4 caps per day.  On the flip side, he says a more harsh steroid you can increase the dose to 9-10 caps per day.

The guys say it is a huge investment into your health to run this steroid cycle because it could save you from being hooked up to a machine later in life for 3-4 hours 3x per week.  Imagine the waste of time and money that would result.


Where to buy?

N2guard can be purchased from N2bm.com.


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