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3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran (Divanil)

3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran; also called Divanil or DVTHF for short, is an extract from the stinging nettle root Urtica dioica; it may also be found in other plant sources such as flax seed.   It is grown mostly in China and has been used for many years for its many health benefits.

3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran-divanil

Fig 1. 3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran (divanil) Chemical Structure

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Free testosterone and SHBG

We all know males produce more testosterone than women, hence why it's known as a 'male hormone'; however, you may not know that free testosterone and total testosterone are two different animals.   Our pituitary glands work to produce LH, which stimulates the leydig cells, which produces testosterone.   However, testosterone exists in our bodies either in free circulating form or inactive form bound to transport proteins.  Free circulating testosterone binds to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).  Out of our total testosterone, a percentage is 'free testosterone', the higher you can get that ratio the more active 'free' testosterone you will have, which we all want more of.  Higher free testosterone gives us greater strength and muscle; and, of course, make us animals in the bedroom.

How it works

Divanil binds with very high affinity to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which will increase the concentration of free testosterone;  as a result, giving the athlete all the wonderful things more testosterone will give.  Studies have shown, Divanil does bind to SHBG, so, thereotically, your free testosterone levels will rise even if your total testosterone stays the same.   In simple terms, Divanil is an incredible weapon to help you raise your free testoerone levels without suppressing your LH.

Use for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Its been proven in countless studies that higher levels of testosterone produces greater muscle mass, less body fat, greater strength, and, of course, stronger libido.  For an athlete, Divanil has an effects on SHBG, which increases free testosterone.  In addition, studies have also shown it will help boost LH as well, which makes it a tremendous addition to a post cycle therapy (PCT) when LH levels are suppressed due to an anabolic steroid cycle.

Many AAS users complain during PCT that they experience a drop in libido, which is due to the hard landing associated with coming off of hormones.  Divanil will help provide a softer landing and prevent any symptoms of low testosterone.  It also can be used on cycle to give a boost to free testosterone.

Side effects

The main side effect of using Divanil is due to its effects on boosting testosterone levels, which would convert into estrogen; hence, those who are sensitive to estrogenic side effects may, in rare cases, have to watch for any light estrogen related issues.  However, when used as part of a stack with other supplements this phenomenon will balance itself out and shouldn't be a concern for the athlete.   Otherwise, Divanil is a natural root and is safe to use.


A solid dosage is around 600mg a day both on cycle and definitely during post cycle therapy.

Other benefits

Divanil is also used to treat BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and enlarged prostate.  It's not clear why it works, but scientists believe it is connected to its effects on LH, testosterone and estrogen in the body.


Divanil has been marketed by supplement companies in recent years due to studies that prove it does bind to SHBG; thus, raising free testosterone levels without causing suppression to the LH.  Unfortunately, many of the supplements have only shown to have 5% of the product they promised, so it is crucial you go with a trusted product and supplement company.  N2BM has a product on the market called HCGenerate ES (ES means extra strength), which contains a whopping 600mg of Divanil as well as many other supplements that work in perfect synergy.


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