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3 Orals Bulker with Euro Pharmacies


Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #41.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster go over their favorite 3 Orals Bulkers with Euro Pharmacies.  This is the podcast to listen to if you want to know all about how to best bulk with oral steroids!

Euro Pharmacies

Steve starts the podcast by stating that Euro Pharmacies has been around for many years and has built a reputation for being trusted.  He says when it comes to orals, it is just as important to get them from a reliable place as it would be with injectables.  Oral steroids can have some dangerous fillers added and can also be severely underdosed.  He has seen over the years oral steroids which have only had 20% of the steroid within them.

With Euro Pharmacies their products are dosed properly with 98%+ purity, which is the same you would find getting any sort of oral product from a pharmacy.

Mobster says the trick is Euro Pharmacies hires professionals to produce their gear in an actual lab.  This ensures you are getting the highest quality products.

Finally, the guys say their favorite thing about EP gear is that it is affordable!  They can do this because they produce their products in bulk which carries on the savings to the customer.

Why is bulking gaining popularity right now?

Steve and Mobster spend this segment debating if and why bulking is gaining popularity again.  The guys theorize that it is similar to fashion styles which come in and out of style.  They say that for a few years, it was all about aesthetics, but now things have changed again, and more guys are choosing to bulk and get more mass.

It is unclear if this trend will continue or if we will trend back to cutting again.


Are Orals coming back into bodybuilding?

In this segment, the guys debate if oral steroids are also becoming more popular.  For a few years, many in the industry said to stay away from oral steroids as they were considered too toxic vs. the gains.  However, we have seen proof with bloodwork that oral steroids can be perfectly healthy if you use them at proper dosages, don't exceed 8 weeks straight, and also use support supplements with them. The bloodwork has provted they are just as safe as injectable steroids, and in some cases, they are more safe!


Best cycles for bulking on orals?

EP orals are typically 10mgs and 25mgs on most of their products except Anadrol which is 50mgs of course.  In this segment, Steve and Mobster touch on their 3 favorite oral options for bulking.

EP Bulk cycle 25mgs Anadrol + 25mgs Dbol:  Steve talks about this product which is an interesting blend of 2 of the most popular oral bulking steroids of all time.  The EP Bulk cycle comes in 50mg tablets and is made up of half Anadrol and half Dbol.  Steve likes this option because it is super cheap and a packet costs less than how much it would cost you to get your car washed.   It is a very effective cycle that will help you build mass quickly and boost your appetite.  Mobster says he has used both these steroids but has never tried this blend before, but he is excited to try it in the future, thanks to EP making it an option.

The best way to use it would be to dose it twice a day, you can run 1 tab in the morning and 1 tab in the evening which gives you a total of 50mgs of Dbol and 50mgs of Anadrol per day.  It also might be a smart idea to stack in some EP aromasin as well to help with any estrogen issues.  Run the cycle for 6 weeks, eat a nutritious diet, and work out.  Steve adds that if you cannot gain on this cycle then something is very wrong with your genetics, diet, or training.

EP Superdrol:  Superdrol isn't known as a bulker which is a very incorrect assumption.  Steve argues that with superdrol, you can gain a ton of mass and strength in a very short amount of time, which makes it an excellent option for those in a rush.  EP superdrol is an excellent option if you want quick gains within 2 or 3 weeks.  Steve says he would not run this one longer than 3 or 4 weeks and he would keep the dose between 10-30mgs a day.

EP Anavar:  Anavar is Mobsters favorite oral, he has a lot of respect for it, and says he can put on 5 pounds very quickly on it.  Although it doesn't aromatize into estrogen this does not mean it is a poor option for bulking.  Its a great option for couples who want to share the steroid experience. Steve says females can run 5-10mgs a day and males can run 25-50mgs a day with excellent results.  The guys say that 8 weeks is the maximum amount of time to run them in either situation and it's a good idea to use liver support with it.

Final tips and advice for bulking

Steve says that a good tip he learned a long time ago is not to kill your appetite for the day by drinking smoothies or eating protein bars.  These food items are heavily processed and are going to be inferior then eating whole foods.  He also says people make the mistake of drenching their food in sauce or condiments which not only wrecks appetite but also can cause stomach upset.  Steve says a smarter option is to choose whole food options that are clean.

Mobster is a big fan of breakfast for bulking and says a big mistake people make is to start their day off with coffee which can also kill appetite.  Three cups of coffee is an appetite killer.

Finally, Mobster says that he recommends if you are going to eat cheat foods save them till after you eat your nutritious food first.


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