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5 Underrated Benefits of HGH

....Secret benefits of HGH exposed....

Human growth hormone (HGH) has become very popular over the years due to celebrities and athletes using the drug. It also has some well-publicized benefits, including fat loss, quicker workout recovery, and anti-aging (1).

HGH's fat-loss effects are especially pronounced, with research showing that this drug can cause a 13% reduction in body fat (2). This is double the 5.8% fat loss that testosterone produced in the same study.

But as famous as HGH has become for its athletic and fat-loss benefits, this drug still has some underrated advantages that mainstream headlines don't cover. Today, I'm going to discuss 5 of the most-underrated benefits that HGH provides.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

1. Better Sleep Quality

Sleep is essential to recovering from hard workouts, prolonging your life, being productive, and having good all-around health. Unfortunately, some of us have trouble getting sleep, causing us to drag throughout the day as a result.

Sleeplessness is especially bad for bodybuilders and other athletes. 2013 research involving Major League Baseball (MLB) players shows that athletes who get below-average sleep are less than 40% likely to be in the league three years later (3). Meanwhile, MLB players who get adequate sleep are 72% more likely to still be playing.


Human growth hormone can help you get better sleep. Research from the University of Chicago provides a link between low HGH and sleep disorders (4). Older patients who participated in the research had difficulty getting deep, restful sleep. Meanwhile, younger patients with higher HGH levels got high-quality rest.

2. Increased IGF-1 Production

Insulin-like Growth Factor One (IGF-1) is a naturally occurring protein that offers plenty of benefits, including more muscle, enhanced athletic performance, lower blood sugar, and reduced inflammation.

It’s obviously good to have a high IGF-1 level so that you can enjoy these perks. And HGH provides this by promoting the release of IGF-1 when it reaches the liver.

IGF-1 lr3 the Anabolic Powerhouse

Growth hormone isn't associated with large gains in muscle mass by itself. But it indirectly causes anabolism by boosting your IGF-1 production (5).

3. Better Athletic Performance

HGH won’t normally make you explode with muscular growth. But it has been used by many athletes over the years to reduce their body fat and improve on-field performance.


One study shows that sprint-bikers improved their course times after using HGH (6). This drug also indirectly provides athletic benefits through better sleep, IGF-1 production, and faster injury healing (discussed later).

4. Muscle Maintenance

Human growth hormone is good to stack in steroid cutting cycles for two reasons:

  • It causes significant fat loss by itself.
  • It helps you maintain muscle while you're losing weight (7).

You can run a powerful fat-burning cycle by stacking this drug with cutting steroids like trenbolone, Anavar, and Winstrol.

training hgh

5. Healing Injuries

Injuries are always a concern for bodybuilders and any other type of athlete. It’s especially devastating when you’re hurt and can’t get back to the sport you love for months. This is why some athletes turn to HGH to accelerate the healing process.

A Danish study shows that human growth hormone can accelerate collagen synthesis up to six times more than the normal rate. This is important because collagen is the main component in ligaments and tendons (8).


Another study appearing in Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs shows that HGH helps heal bone fractures (9).

Research also shows that 41% of patients with chronic lower back pain can improve their condition by over 50% when using HGH (10).

Final Thoughts on Underrated HGH Benefits

Most people are interested in HGH for the fat loss and/or anti-aging benefits. But as you can see, there are other powerful advantages to taking this drug.

You can count on better sleep, more IGF-1 production, stronger athletic performance, muscle maintenance during cutting cycles, and quicker injury recovery.

It’s hard to pick a favorite out of the most-underrated benefits. But I personally love the sleep, injury recovery, and IGF-1 perks that I get out of this drug.

Remember that you get the most out of HGH when you use the best products. And Juvetrope has become a trusted brand among myself and the Evolutionary.org community.

That said, you can count on Juvetrope delivering all the benefits that I’ve covered here today – and with smaller injections than you’d need with generic HGH!


But no matter what HGH brand you use, it’s worth considering this drug so that you can experience the many benefits.

Getting HGH

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