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Anadrol Bulk from Para Pharma

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para pharma

Welcome to another Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #31!  In this one, Steve and Mobster discuss Anadrol Bulking from Para Pharma.  This steroid is one of the best you will find for pure bulking, but it is also a very unique compound that is misunderstood.  In this podcast, the guys will go over how to use Anadrol, its history, how to train and diet on it, and why Para Pharma Anadrol is a smart choice.


Steve starts this segment by talking about the evil geniuses who like to alter and play with hormones to create new anabolic steroids.  With Anadrol, they came up with a very exciting anabolic steroid that had several medical uses at the time.  There are several names for this steroid including A50, A-bombs, and its medical name Oxymetholone, which was developed by Zoltan Pharma in the 1960's.

One of the misguided uses for it in medicine was with children who were struggling with weight gain, growth, and malnourishment.  It was used with adults mostly for anemia and osteoporosis as well.  Due to the high side effects, it stopped being used in the medical industry for a while, then it made a comeback during the HIV/AIDS era of the 80s, then it gradually became less in demand as more drugs came to the market that weren’t so hormonal.

Mobster then discusses a man named Dan Duchaine who is credited with popularizing Anadrol.  Dan was a wannabe bodybuilder who just didn't have the genetics to ever come close to being a professional, instead, he loved experimenting and researching steroids.  He became well known due to his writings but also his TV appearances where he had an open perspective on steroid use, in an era where steroid talk was considered taboo.

The guys end the segment by saying that bodybuilders fell in love with Anadrol due to its amazing bulking and strength properties.  It is also generally a cheap steroid and doesn't require stacking as other steroids will, nor does it require injections since it comes in oral form.

Structure and side effects

Anadrol can be confusing due to the on-paper structure of this steroid vs. real-world results.  On paper, it is a dihydrotestosterone derivative (DHT) meaning it should be great for cutting and not so good for bulking, similar to steroids like Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan, or Anavar.  However, Anadrol is the only DHT steroid that is poor for cutting and great for bulking due to its ability to bind to estrogen receptors and its high androgenic effects.  So you can expect a combination of size and mass, while also seeing some hardness to the muscles.   Steve says such a thing is unheard of unless you are stacking steroids together. This is what makes Anadrol extremely unique to any other steroid because it is a stack of 4-5 steroids all in one 50mg pill!

Due to all this, you can expect a bunch of side effects.

  1. DHT side effects which include head hair loss, joint pain, and enlarged prostate.
  2. Androgenic side effects which include insomnia, high blood pressure, and organ strain.
  3. Liver toxicity due to it being 17AA.
  4. Estrogenic side effects including gyno, water retention, and bloating.


Dosing and stacking

The guys go over the different ways to stack Anadrol. Steve and Mobster agree that it is a great steroid to use solo, and you can run it 25-50mgs per day for 4-6 weeks, with some users running as high as 100mgs per day.

When it comes to stacking it is one of the few steroids that work well on its own.  However, some guys still want to stack it to get more out of it and Steve has several ideas for this.

He likes Para Pharma Equipoise at 400-500mgs a week with 25-50mgs of Para Pharma Anadrol.  In this case, you would run them together then stop the Anadrol after 6 weeks and continue the Equipoise. The same logic applies to using it with Para Pharma Primobolan or Para Pharma Testosterone.  Steve cautions that using it with Testosterone can be risky due to the higher chance of estrogenic problems, especially Gynocomestia.

Diet and Training for Bulking

Mobster starts talking about Training, he says with Anadrol you want to take advantage of the strength benefits, so there should be an increase in how much you are lifting while on it.  Higher weights will help develop larger muscle mass and help with size.   For example, he recommends starting with 8 reps and 3 sets on a compound movement, then by the end of the cycle he wants you to be doing 4-5 sets at 8-10 reps on the same weight or more.  This would force muscular development and increase major muscle mass tissue.

When it comes to dieting Steve says that it is important to take advantage of this steroid by eating a high-quality whole-food diet.  Stay away from processed foods, refined oils, and sugars.  Although he likes to train fasted most of the time, in this case, you may benefit more from having a meal 2 hours pre-workout. Just make sure the meal is high quality, something like eggs with fruit would make a lot of sense and not interfere with your workout.

Why Para Pharma?

Mobster points out that he has Para Pharma products sitting on his desk that he purchased for a cycle later in the year that he is excited about.  They are a trusted brand that he is confident in.

Steve points out that Para Pharma has been around for 12+ years and has rave reviews on every steroid forum.  You don't build a loyal following of weight lifters and bodybuilders by not living up to a high standard of high-quality products and services.

He also points out that when it comes to how oral steroids are made, they aren't all created equal.  Many out there are cut with inferior sugars and toxic chemicals that do not belong in your body. Para Pharma has a certificate of analysis and they know how to make high-quality oral steroids that do not cause weird side effects or stomach problems.


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