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Anavar 2024 with Para Pharma


Welcome to another great Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #61.  In this podcast, Steve and Mobster go over Anavar 2024 with Para Pharma.  They first delve into the history of Anavar and why it was created, and then they talk about the bodybuilding history.  Next, they will take a deep dive into the best way to use Anavar for bodybuilding, along with side effects to watch out for.  They finish the show discussing female dosing and also why you should choose the Para Pharma brand.

Anavar history and background

Anavar was created by Dr. Pappo in 1964, and he trademarked it under the name Oxandrin. It was primarily used for muscle wasting like other similar steroids.  Once the 80s came around it became a popular choice to help AIDS patients dealing with this condition.

Bodybuilders loved using Anavar during the 80's because it had low side effects and was effective and easy to use.  Steve said after the steroid ban, that George Bush signed into law during his presidency, it was taken off the market.  Due to this, the price skyrocketed and it became very difficult to find it for several years.

Underground labs started to fake it and would label other steroids such as Dbol, Tbol, or Winstrol as Anavar to rip off their customers.  This caused the popularity of Anavar to drop during the 90s and 2000s as people gave up on sourcing it.

Luckily, companies like Para Pharma came along and have been able to produce quality/legitimate Anavar at a fair price so it has regained popularity.  Steve says that recent polling among steroid users shows that Anavar is now the 2nd most used oral steroid in 2024, just behind Dianabol.

Anavar is now used by not only gym rats but also by professional bodybuilders. One of the draws to Anavar is that it has been shown to help with cutting belly fat, which is a huge struggle among Americans who are the 3rd most obese nation in the world.

How to dose and stack

Para Pharma has 2 types of Anavar at this time.  They have a 10mg per pill option and a 50 mg per pill option.

Men will typically run a dose of 20-50mgs per day, with 40mgs considered the true 'sweet spot'. Mobster says that he has known some guys who were pros and more aggressive, who have used 70mgs-125mgs of Anavar per day.

A common duration of Anavar for men is somewhere between 6-8 weeks.

When it comes to stacking, Anavar does a great job of binding to SHBG, meaning it will make the other steroids in your stack work better.

Steve has stacked Anavar with Trenbolone in the past, with the Tren being run at 200-350mgs a week, for explosive strength gains which he hit personal records with.

Another option if you want something more mild is using Equipoise or Primobolan with it at 300-500mgs per week.

Mobster says his favorite way to run it is with Testosterone for a nice lean bulk or strength improvements.


Side effects to look for

Steve says that one of the most popular reasons to use Anavar is the low side effects that accompany Anavar.  Since it is a DHT derivative, you don't have to worry about any of the estrogen-related problems like gyno, water retention, insomnia, or bloat.  This is because Anavar cannot aromatize into estrogen at all.  Also, it is not very androgenic, so things like aggression, anger, insomnia, high blood pressure, and other heart-related side effects are kept at a minimum depending on what you are stacking with it.

It is important to remember that since it is a 17AA oral steroid it will strain the liver, so it is important to use liver support supplements with it.  Another problem with Anavar is the pumps.  One of the most common complaints is the dreaded back pumps with the steroid which can be helped by using Taurine.

Finally, like all anabolic steroids, Anavar is suppressive so a PCT is needed.


Anavar and female use

Steve says that if you have a wife or girlfriend you should tell her about the podcast, because the show caters to both genders, and the guys have a lot of respect for females who want to better themselves.  Also, the show does have female listeners as well, and they must use proper Anavar in the first place.  Using fake Anavar can lead to catastrophic and permanent side effects.

Having said the above, Mobster suggests a new female steroid user try 2.5mgs a day of Anavar and she can work her way up.  Steve says that a typical experienced female dose is somewhere between 5-10mgs per day.  Both the guys agree that females should also protect their liver, and should stick to 4-8 weeks of Anavar, along with liver support supplements.

Overall, if Anavar is run correctly it is considered one of the safest steroids for females, and many females will use it whether they are just gymgoers or professional bodybuilders.

Why Para Pharma?

Mobster has been using Para Pharma for the past 2 years, but they have been around for over 12 years.  They have rapidly been gaining popularity in the past few years because their products are very high quality.  It is important to remember that Anavar is typically faked in most situations, so it is extremely important to use a trustworthy source. When you use Para Pharma Anavar, or any of their other orals or injectables, you know that you are not only getting the correctly labeled product but you are also getting the right dosing as well.

Steve and Mobster remind everyone that Para Pharma products have been anonymously and independently tested by veteran steroid users without the company's knowledge. Those tests have come back 99% pure.  Their products also come with certificates of analysis which further confirm scientific evidence of their high quality.


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