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Anavar and Winstrol from Para Pharma

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Welcome to another great edition of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #21.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster discuss Anavar and Winstrol stacking from Para Pharma.  Although most of you out there will use this type of stack for cutting, this podcast isn't just centered around that, because there are other benefits to this stack.

For those of you out there who cannot quite get as hard and lean as you want, this podcast will be a great listen for you.

Why Para Pharma?

Mobster starts the segment, and says he is preparing to run a Para Pharma cycle himself which is sitting on the desk, while he does the podcast.  If you go to their website ParaPharma.org, you can see they have been in business for over 12 years.  He also loves that they have done testing on their products, which are random samples sent off to an independent lab.  This shows that when you order from them you can be rest assured that you are getting what you are ordering.

Another important thing is feedback and reviews.  It can be as simple as how the products are shipped and packed, so you can be confident that you will be safe.  Mobster also says the fact that Para Pharma has been around so long and has continuously been building up its product list (which is now 45 products) shows that they are popular and get repeat customers.

Steve says his favorite thing about Para Pharma is they specialize in anabolic steroids and have 30 APIs (variations of their products).  To build that much of a list you have to have a very strong and loyal customer base.

Anavar and how it is beneficial

Steve starts this segment with a history lesson on Anavar. He says that in 1989 Searle discontinued production, because bodybuilders were abusing this steroid, and they didn't want any more legal scrutiny.  When this happened it created a frenzy and pushed the price up very high due to increasing demand. It took about 5-6 years for another pharma company to start producing it, and by that time Anavar was selling for a lot, and it was being heavily faked by sources.

To this day, it is very highly faked and expensive. So it is important to make sure you get a real Anavar from Para Pharma that you know is real.

The way Anavar was designed in the 1960s, was they wanted something with low androgenic and no estrogenic properties, but was also anabolic.  This would limit side effects for the user which made it great for preventing muscle wasting. The benefits of bodybuilding are that it will help you build lean muscle mass, burn some body fat, and also increase hardness and vascularity.  Even when run at a PED dose you don't have to worry about aggression and anger problems on it.

Winstrol and how it is beneficial

Winstrol is similar to Anavar in some ways and not in others.  Similar in that it is also a DHT derivative which makes it impossible to convert to estrogen, but it carries more DHT side effects such as head hair loss and joint pain.  Winstrol should be treated more as a cosmetic steroid for those who are looking to dry out ahead of photos, vacations, or a show.  It does that well, in fact, Steve says that 90% of pro bodybuilders are likely using Winstrol competing, especially those competing in the physique category.

Another area where Winstrol differs from Anavar is that if you have higher body fat, it would be a waste of time to use Winstrol, because you will not be able to see muscle cuts when they are covered up by fat.

Mobster says it is very important to be less than 12% body fat before using Winstrol if you want to get the best results.  Overall, Winstrol is an amazing steroid for cutting and hardening, and you will love using it especially if you are very lean.


How to stack and dosing/length of cycle

Mobster starts the segment off by relaying what Para Pharma has to offer when it comes to Winstrol and Anavar.   With each, they have a 10mg and 50mgs oral option. In addition, Winstrol comes with a 50mgs/ml injectable version.

Mobster says that men who are over 200 pounds can keep things simple and run 50mgs of each per day for an amazing stack.

Steve says he would run it a bit differently, especially if you are a smaller guy under 200 pounds as he is.  He would run them 25mgs each per day for 4-8 weeks.

He then makes a point that because Para Pharma is so quick to deliver to its customers, you can be flexible with how you approach the cycle in terms of length. In other words, if you initially go with 4 weeks and then decide you want to extend the cycle, you can always order more in a pinch to complete a longer cycle.

Training for cutting

Mobster gives some tips when it comes to training for cutting.

He says one of the myths he hears a lot is that if you want to cut you should do more reps and more volume.  It doesn't necessarily work like that.  Instead, he would focus on more ab work and not go heavy with compound lifts.  Once he starts seeing more cuts to his muscles, he will then focus on contraction and go down to 70% of his weight and use flexing to see what muscles he needs to work on more. He also would increase his cardio so he can burn more calories.

Diet and nutrition tips

When it comes to diet and nutrition, Steve says it is important to be careful about what you are eating. Many foods out there contain ingredients that are inflammatory and will make things harder on your body. One of those hidden ingredients he hates is refined oils, which are found in almost all fast food and restaurant food.  You must know what you are putting into your body and stick to quality whole food options you prepare yourself.

A simple food option is homemade bone broth, fruits, and vegetables. These 3 things will provide you all the nutrition you need and you will be able to cut down hard following it.


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