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How to Use Ancient Strength with Your Steroid Cycle

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....the secret to using Ancient Strength with steroids...

What is Ancient Strength, and why Creatine?

Ancient Strength is a terrific creatine supplement in tablet form. It is made up of 3 types of creatine: Creatine Monohydrate Powder, Creatine HCI, and Creatine Pyruvate. No sweeteners, dyes, or other garbage are included.

creatine chemical structure

Fig 1. Creatine Chemical Structure

Most guys using Steroids will add Creatine to their cycle stack since this cheap compound will help them make more gains on the same amount of steroids. The use of creatine not only increases muscle size, but delays the onset of fatigue, allowing you to push out more reps. The intramuscular hydration that creatine causes, along with the increased energy output, will multiply the gains you can make on something like Anavar or even Testosterone. To put it in simple terms, Creatine + Steroids = Big Freaking Gains.

To be honest here guys, pretty much any creatine you pick up on the market will have a noticeable effect during your steroid cycle. You do not need to buy the one we’re suggesting here.

The only reason we bring this Ancient Strength product to your attention is because this product was specifically designed to be taken by the steroid user. It is not a regular creatine powder like you see on the market; this creatine comes in tablet form and packs three (3) different types of creatine. This threefold creatine stack creates a synergy that provides greater results than the sum of its part.

ancient strength

Ancient Strength Creatine

Why Ancient Strength is a Wise Choice to Add to a Cycle?

Ancient Strength Creatine is a completely natural amino acid that our bodies produce and that we acquire from eating fish, red meat, and eggs. It helps to increase our muscle cells by increasing the volume of water the muscle cell holds.

food creatine

Creatine rich food

Your muscles can hold much more creatine than you could ever get from just eating meat. But you won’t ever saturate your muscles with creatine just by eating meats alone. When you ingest a creatine powder or tablet, however, your body has much more of this compound available, meaning your muscles pick up a lot more creatine than they ever have before. Your muscle cells saturate with creatine and water mass, so your muscles gain size and density in the first week of creatine use, when the new saturation causes a rapid size increase.

Another benefit to Ancient Strength is that creatine helps decrease fatigue by refueling your body during your workout and after. It does this is by increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to the body. You will notice that you can train for a long period of time and harder without losing energy once you’ve loaded your muscles with creatine. Again guys, you just can’t ingest enough meat to saturate the muscles, you must also use a creatine supplement that has it extracted already.

ATP molecule


The reason we love Ancient Strength creatine is because it involves zero mixing since it comes in tablet form – this is very convenient. This makes it much easier to take, because you only have to put it in your mouth and use some liquid to swallow the tabs. You are done!

Another advantage is the price. Ancient Strength can be purchased for a very affordable price that won't bust your wallet, allowing you to get a big bang for your buck when taking expensive steroids. The synergy between creatine and anabolic androgenic steroids is very noticeable as the gains pile on quickly and performance in the gym is greatly improved. Creatine adds another pathway to muscle growth and performance enhancement than just steroids alone, which only work on androgen receptors.

You can add Ancient Strength creatine to your steroid cutting cycles without fear of increasing side effects. It will boost your cycle naturally, increase your energy level, and promote faster recovery!

Using Ancient Strength in a Bulking Steroid Cycle

Ancient Strength is a wonderful addition to a bulking steroid cycle. This is a good way to run it:


N2Guard Bottle

Users have reported incredible recovery after their workouts from this cycle. They have also reported gains of 15-25 pounds and 10-20% increases in their lifts. This is why creatine is so popular among steroid users.

Using Ancient Strength in a Cutting Steroid Cycle

You can also use Ancient Strength during a cut, and the precise ingredients will prevent bloat like other creatines, which contain cheap fillers and ingredients with high carbs.

Here’s a sample cutting cycle that includes Ancient Strength:

Users have reported body fat losses of 2-4%, while holding onto muscle and displaying a dry physique with this cycle. They have said that they’re able to work out longer and harder and burn more calories this way.

Using Ancient Strength in a Re-comp

Re-comping is the art of building muscle while also cutting fat. This is one of the hardest things to do in bodybuilding, but Ancient Strength creatine will help give you the stamina and recovery to accomplish it. A good cycle for re-comping is:

Users have reported body fat losses of between 1-3% while also increasing muscle mass by 5-10 pounds with this cycle. They also report an increase in strength of 5-10% on their lifts, and a fuller look in the mirror.

How to Dose Ancient Strength Properly?

Creatine lasts for a long time in your system, so you can just use it once per day and be fine. You want to take it right after your carb meals, and drinking it with a sweet juice will help it absorb better.

Most guys like taking the creatine pre-workout about one hour before training since they feel a marked improvement in stamina. For this purpose, just take Ancient Strength about 1 hour before training.

Ancient Strength FB

Where can I Buy Ancient Strength?

You can buy Ancient Strength as well as additional supplements at n2bm.com.

ancient strengh

Buy Ancient Strengh


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