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Arnold Schwarzenegger Cycle

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arnold schwarzenegger double bicepsArnold Schwarzenegger is the most celebrated bodybuilder of all time. If you compare the popularity of Arnold to anyone else, you'll realize the only person to come close is Sylvester Stallone – who also cycled.  Who wouldn't want to look like Arnold? Tree-trunk arms, tiny waste, huge shoulders and a wide chest.  The man was a Greek god hailing form Austria.

Many bodybuilders today are asking themselves? “What steroids did Arnold Schwarzenegger use? Was he really a moderate user? What was his cycle like?” The truth is that Arnold did NOT abuse steroids.  He was, by far, one of the most moderate steroid users of his day – and a newbie by today's standards.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about using a few simple compounds; in fact, there was light discussion in Pumping Iron and a few other mentions of him using: Deca Durabolin, Primoblan, Dianabol.  That seemed to be his magic mix.  Arnold cycled more around contest time, but knowing the bodybuilders of his day – it's possible he was on year round bridging between cycles.

arnold schwarzenegger

Week Primoblan Deca Durabolin Dianabol
1 600mgs/week 60mgs/day
2 600mgs/week 60mgs/day
3 600mgs/week 60mgs/day
4 700mgs/week 60mgs/day
5 700mgs/week 70mgs/day
6 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 80mgs/day
7 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 80mgs/day
8 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 80mgs/day
9 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 80mgs/day
10 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 100mgs/day
11 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 100mgs/day
12 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 100mgs/day
13 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 100mgs/day
14 800mgs/week 400mgs/week 100mgs/day
15 700mgs/week 300mgs/week 100mgs/day
16 700mgs/week 300mgs/week 100mgs/day
17 700mgs/week 300mgs/week 800mgs/day
18 700mgs/week 200mgs/week 80mgs/day
19 600mgs/week 200mgs/week 60mgs/day
20 600mgs/week 200mgs/week 60mgs/day


21 200mgs/week 40mgs/day
22 200mgs/week 40mgs/day
23 200mgs/week 40mgs/day
24 200mgs/week 40mgs/day
25 200mgs/week 40mgs/day
*repeat week 1-20

In our day, the cycle above would seem strange.  However, in Arnold's days, pyramiding up and down was considered a standard practice.  Bodybuilders didn't realize that even if you pyramid, the half life of a steroid doesn't change nor do the natural testosterone levels recover.  Pyramiding steroids is a total waste of time, but these guys were ignorant to the fact.  On top of it all, testosterone wasn't really available as it is today, so Arnold had no access to it.  Therefore, his cycles were mainly 3 compounds used creatively.

arnold schwarzenegger posing

Arnold didn't use Anti-Estrogens or anything even remotely related, as bodybuilders in his day believed that bloat, gynecomastia (bitch-tits), testicular atrophy and a myriad of other side-effects associated with steroids can just be handled by using other anabolic steroids.  After all, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) wasn't even around until the 1980s, so you can see the kind of trouble these guys were in during the old days.  This is probably one of the reasons steroid abuse wasn't as rampant back than – no access to Aromatase Inhibitors (like Arimidex or Aromasin) or SERMs (like Nolvadex and Clomid).

The truth is that the Arnold Schwarzenegger of today would have used a different steroid cycle, had he the access to the steroids of today.

Presented by Evolutionary.org for your research needs, the 21st century Arnold Schwarzenegger steroid cycle:

Week Testosterone Cypionate Primobolan Anavar Deca Durabolin Dianabol Arimidex


1 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
2 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
3 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
4 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
5 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
6 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
7 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
8 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
9 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
10 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
11 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
12 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 0.75mgs/ED
13 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
14 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
15 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED
16 600mgs/wk 800mgs/wk 80mgs/ED 1mg/ED


17 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
18 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
19 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
20 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
21 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
22 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 60mgs/ED 1mg/ED
23 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 1mg/ED
24 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 1mg/ED
25 400mgs/wk 600mgs/wk 1mg/ED
BRIDGE - CONTEST REPEATEweek 1-26 or PCT *during the cycle add: HCGenerate to prevent testicular atrophy and N2Guard to stem off side-effects.

This is more of a modern cycle for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he had access to all the drugs we have today.  Then again, can anabolic steroids be used to make your diet, training, rest, and lifestyle better? Doubtful! Arnold was famous and successful because of his drive, will and determination, not because of any drugs he used.  Therefore, take everything with a grain of salt, and work on yourself as a human being – dial in your diet, your training and your life before you think about steroids.

DISCLAIMER:  This following articles is for entertainment purposes, we re not claiming the individual used steroids; rather, we are stating our own opinion on what a steroid cycle for this individual might have looked like.

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    what would that even cost to run all tht today? a lot of these guys didn’t work a whole lot so what did they pay for that back in the day as well?

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