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Benefits of Masteron and Proviron for Free Testosterone with Euro Pharma



Welcome to another amazing episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode 67.  In this show, Steve and Mobster talk about the benefits of Masteron and Proviron for Free Testosterone with Euro Pharma. They first touch on more info about the science of stacking with a DHT and getting SHBG lower.  Then they discuss a couple of studies that Mobster found. They finish the show with other Euro Pharmacies steroids you will want to take a look at and explain why Euro Pharmacies is a trusted brand.

The differences between free and total testosterone

Steve starts this segment by mentioning the prior 2 podcasts which were #'s 65 and 66.  In both of those podcasts, the guys went over how important free testosterone was.  Steve summarizes it like this:  You can have normal levels of total testosterone and it won't matter if your free testosterone is low, because FREE testosterone is what counts in the end.

The guys explain this isn't just a problem in a normal situation, but it can be on a cycle too.  This is because SHBG gets too high and that prevents your free testosterone from rising.  We have to get that SHBG lower by using a DHT steroid otherwise we are leaving gains on the table. Why not make sure you get your free testosterone levels stronger by doing a simple thing like stacking in a DHT derivative steroid like Masteron and/or Proviron?

Which would they pick between Masteron and Proviron ?

The guys debate which they would pick between Masteron and Proviron. Steve makes several points.

*Masteron is good for those who don't mind injecting, while Proviron is better for those who would rather take it orally

*Proviron is not liver toxic, so it is safe to run an entire cycle, as is Masteron

*Price-wise they are close

*Masteron has a bit more side effects in terms of hair loss and lipid strain

They both agree that they would give the edge to Proviron on what they would personally use, but say most pros prefer Masteron since they can just mix it in with their other injectables.


Mobster goes over some additional points and uses a car example to put things in perspective when it comes to SHBG and free testosterone.

He says SHBG, which increases after the age of 27, inhibits testosterone. Testosterone circulates in the bloodstream, bound mostly to SHBG. Only 1-2% is “free” and thus biologically available. What Masteron and Proviron do is they “uncouple” the bound testosterone from SHBG, making it free and therefore biologically active. Think of a parking lot. The spaces are your testosterone receptors. The lot is full of cars. Masteron is like a tow truck that comes in and tows cars away, freeing them up for more results from your testosterone. 400mgs has the effect of 600mgs.


The other options from Euro Pharmacies

There are several really good options when it comes to steroids that make great stack ideas in a cycle and that will boost free hormones/testosterone thanks to binding to SHBG well.  In the last 2 episodes, the guys say how they discussed Euro Pharmacies Proviron and Masteron.

When it comes to steroids that do a great job of binding to SHBG look no further than the DHT family of steroids.  The reason is the relative binding affinity of various sex steroids for SHBG which order like this: DHT>testosterone>androstenediol>estradiol>estrone.  DHT binds to SHBG with about 5x the affinity of testosterone and 20X the affinity of estradiol.  Hence, it makes perfect sense to use a DHT derivative steroid to drop your SHBG and boost your free testosterone!

Mobster and Steve go over more DHT options from Euro Pharmacies

EP Primobolan Acetate 50mgs/ml and EP Primobolan Enanthate 100mgs/ml- Arnold loved Primo because it gave him lean muscle gains without bloat. Use it 300-700mgs a week as part of a stack.

EP Injectable Winstrol 50mg/ml and EP Oral Stanozolex Winstrol 10mg and 25mgs/tab- Winstrol works great as a dryer for better vascularity. Use it from 25-50mgs in most situations.

EP Turaxel Turinabol 10mg and 25mgs/tab- Using it in a stack is a smart move as it is a bit weak on its own.  You will want to use 30-50mgs a day.

EP Oxandrolex Anavar 10mg and 25mgs/tab- It will work well on its own but works far better in a stack. A dose of 20-50mgs a day is good.

EP Oxy Anadrol 50mg/tab-  This one works great as a Kickstarter in a cycle to give things a big boost early on.  25-100mgs a day is the standard dose.


Why we love EP

Mobster says that he loves Euro Pharmacies for several reasons. First, they have been around for almost 20 years and have built a strong customer base that keeps coming back cycle after cycle.  Their products have been tested and vetted and we know they are good. They also make sure their reps are highly trained, experienced, and motivated so that they are there to help you and are professional.

These are the reasons Mobster says he uses Euro Pharmacies more than any other brand and trusts them.

Where to get Euro Pharmacies

Euro Pharmacies can be purchased from Puritysoucelabs.ru.

PSL is an approved source that has been around for 15 years providing customers with outstanding oral steroids, injectable steroids, ancillaries, PCT products, and more.  When you purchase from them you know you are getting authentic Euro Pharmacies brand and not fakes.

Euro Pharmacies and PSL provide lightning-quick domestic shipping to American customers, no need to worry about customs and no need to stress about how long it takes.  They ship typically within a few days and you get your package lightning fast.  They also offer international shipping as well to many other countries.

They have reps on the forums to further assist with setting up cycles and answer questions you may have.  If there is ever an issue they are on call to help with your order and make sure you are taken care of.



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