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BioPerine Black Pepper – Improve Digestion System

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BioPerine - Black Pepper

BioPerine - Black Pepper


BioPerine is an extract of black pepper, which is also referred to as Piper nigrum. It has many health benefits from depression, to digestion, to absorption, to immune health.  In this article, we will take a look at this spice and teach you why it is a smart idea to include it as part of your diet and supplement regime.

EVO-black pepper

History of Black Pepper



All over the world, different cultures use black pepper in their cuisines because it is such a great seasoning.  It not only is delicious but it also helps enhance the flavour of all kinds of foods.  Native to parts of India, the earliest evidence of it being used was to help preserve the dead in ancient Egypt, hence we know it has been used by our ancestors dating back to 2000CBC. 

Piper nigrum, or black pepper, is the most-used spice in American food and maybe in the world. Black Pepper has a long history of being used by mankind. Archeological evidence puts humans utilizing this spice as far back as 2,000 B.C, meaning at least 4,000 years of use. In fact, piper nigrum has been used to enhance the taste of foods, help preserve meats, and even serve as a medicinal spice for the sick. Read More.. 

The Greeks and Romans used it in most of their recipes, and the Arabs were the biggest traders of it building a monopoly on it and many different spices. During this era, people believed black pepper was grown in the Indian forests and guarded by dangerous snakes, this helped push the price of it even higher. During the 11th century, it was a luxury spice in Italy, with prices staying very high for 300 years until humans started to learn how easy it was to cultivate it. 


Vitamins and Minerals

Modern times

Today, black pepper is considered one of the most healthy foods containing many nutrients like vitamins and minerals.  It is found in every single restaurant along with salt, with both typically already set on the table so that patrons can use as much as they need.  It also is very cheap to buy a lot of it, costing only a few dollars for enough to last you several months. 

My favourite way to use it personally is blackened fish because it compliments salt and other spices perfectly.  I also include it in my eggs along with paprika, try those together for maximum taste and nutrition next time for a healthy breakfast.


Content 11mgs for every 100 grams


Black pepper contains vitamins A, E, K, C, and B6It is high in potassium, folate, betaine, sodium, and niacin as well, and it contains no calories.  The protein content is 11mgs for every 100 grams.  

There are many health benefits to black pepper which is quite extraordinary.  Here is a list of the great things it can help with:

    1. Digestion: This is the big one.  You will notice there is black pepper in many support supplements because the addition of it helps you digest everything without giving you a stomach ache.  The reason it is so good here is that it releases secretion of hydrochloric acid which is what we need to digest food properly.  It helps eliminate gas issues in the tummy and stimulates the body to detox out toxins.  Another great reason to include it in meals!

      Digestion - Black Pepper in Meals

    2. Depression: The Journal of food and chemical toxicology has published evidence that using black pepper daily helped reduce depression.   It can also boost memory and brain activity. 
    3. Absorption: Another reason you see it included in supplement stacks is that it is amazing at helping the body absorb nutrients.  It not only helps make your supplements more powerful, but it boosts the absorption of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, which contain a ton of vitamins and minerals.   Look for it listed in only the best products as black pepper, piperine, Piper nigrum, or Bioperine
    4. Ulcers: Ulcers will get worse due to inflammation.  Black pepper is a potent natural anti-inflammatory spice.  This will help soothe ulcers and also boost mucosal defense
    5. Fat loss: During the '90s there was a big push that black pepper helped burn fat, suddenly people were drenching their foods with it.  Although it won't make an obese person turn to skinny overnight, we know that consumption helps boost metabolic rate and speeds up the breakdown of fat cells.   It also reduces bloating which alone can make a person lose several pounds and flatten their stomach quickly.
      EVO-fat loss

      Black Pepper Help Fat Loss

    6. Heart health: Researchers have found that it helps prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries.

Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of certain peppers, such as black pepper. It is used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases. Piperine will multiply the strength of many supplements and drugs by making them more bio-available. When you eat a pepper, and notice the spicy taste to it, that is piperine showing itself. Read More..

There are also additional health benefits in case we haven't convinced you to start using it daily.

    • Reducing cold symptoms: Being sick sucks and is miserable.  Black pepper is a well-known cough remedy because it will reduce symptoms of the cold and flu. 
    • Tooth problems: Some natural kinds of toothpaste may contain black pepper because it is great at boost gum health as well as it has antimicrobial properties.  For those who already rinse and gargle with salt, try adding or swapping black pepper and see the difference.
    • Hair health: Natural shampoos may contain it because it helps fight off scalp problems.  It may also help with greying hairs. 
    • Skin health: It is used as an exfoliator in conjunction with other things like honey to make your skin shiny and healthy looking.
    • Surface inflammation: If you suffer from pain on the body black pepper oil helps warm the area as a natural athletic cream ointment.  It also speeds up the removal of uric acid and toxins.

      Surface inflammation - Uric Acid and Toxins

Where to find

Black pepper is found in only the best supplements due to its amazing absorption abilities.  Look for it at the bottom of labels for this reason. Bannednutrition sells a product called Cardazol, which contains 10mgs per serving of BioPerine® Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) [Fruit] (Standardized to 95% Piperine).  You can learn more about Cardazol, and all two dozen of its ingredients, by reading our articles at evolutionary.org


Cardazol by BannedNutrition




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