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Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is an annual weedy species of plant that grows worldwide, which has many health benefits. It is native to warm and tropical regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and it's capable of withstanding arid/dry conditions. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is easily spread due to its burs, which will latch onto animals and objects to be moved around; as a result, it has become an invasive species in colder climates such as North America. The stems have a diameter of 3 feet (1m) which grow flowers that bear fruit, these fall apart into burs. Due to the burs latching onto livestock and its quick growth, Tribulus is considered a noxious weed.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris plant

Fig 1. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris plant

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Tribulus has been used for more than 3000 years in both Indian and traditional Chinese medicine for many ailments: insomnia, immune system, stress, heart health and libido health. In Indian medicine, it is believed to strengthen all the bodies organs and tissues and contribute to overall sexual strength.

How it works and your libido

Tribulus contains large numbers of elements such as steroidal saponins, which explains why people who use experience higher libido and sex drive. Studies have shown it stimulates androgen receptors in the brain, and another study showed Tribulus significantly increased in levels of testosterone, DHT (sex hormone), DHEA and aphrodisiac activity. Someone who is having sexual dysfunction can benefit from Tribulus as a stand alone supplement to solve their libido problems.


Fig 2. Saponin Chemical Structure

Use on cycle

For the anabolic steroid user tribulus is popular for many different reasons. When one uses anabolic steroids, orals (like dianabol) can pass through the liver, and injectables (like trenbolone) tend to be harsh on your heart and kidney's, especially when used for long periods of time. To combat these sites you need tribulus because it will help improve your organ health. Also, some AAS users complain of a drop in libido while on cycle, this is due to the roller coaster of changes to their testosterone and estrogen levels. Tribulus will naturally increase sex drive safely without adding to side effects from AAS use.

Use during Post Cycle

When an anabolic steroid user comes off of AAS, their HPTA is suppressed due to their pituitary glands going dormant from excess foreign hormones. During this time athletes will complain about decreased motivation, sex drive, and muscle loss. Hence, it is crucial you recover quickly using a full post cycle therapy (pct).

Tribulus should be added to your PCT because it will naturally/safely help avoid nasty side effects associated with a fast drop of testosterone levels. Also, its positive effects on organ health and well being will aid in getting a person through this crucial few weeks until the athlete recovers. In fact, studies have shown Tribulus in men, who have low testosterone levels, will increase them 20-30% without suppressing the HPTA.

Stand alone

With all the poor lifestyle choices in modern society, and the stress we put our bodies through, it's no wonder more and more men are experiencing drops in testosterone levels at a younger age than ever before. Low testosterone levels are dangerous, it can ruin your marriage, health, libido, and is destructive to your sleep and heart health. Older men over 50 will experience severe drops in testosterone; as a result, they will have an increase in fat and decrease in muscle. Tribulus can be used as a stand alone to boost testosterone, DHT and DHEA as mentioned above and help you in the gym, without causing side effects or any type of HPTA suppression. In fact, in the 1980's, Bulgarian athletes were known to use Tribulus to increase their performances and increase their muscle mass.

Side effects

Side effects are non existent with Tribulus; however, just like any compound, it should be used as directed and not overdosed.


There are many supplements in existence that contain Tribulus, but many overstate the amount, or mislabel their bottles. Hence, it is crucial, we choose a trustworthy supplement brand; one such product is HCGenerate ES (ES stands for extra strength) by N2BM. It contains a whopping 600mg of Bulgarian Tribulus per serving, as well as other supplements in one bottle. Since Tribulus works even better when it is stacked with other herbs, it is recommended you buy HCGenerate ES to get full benefits of Tribulus in a supplement stack.


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