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Bulking Cycle with Orals Para Pharma


Welcome to another exciting episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #42.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster discuss different Bulking Cycles with Orals from Para Pharma.  If you have ever wanted to run oral cycles but weren't sure how to best get results from them then this is the episode for you!

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Steve starts this segment by discussing how effective Para Pharma products are and how he trusts them with his own body.  They have excellent products including injectables, orals, and other ancillaries for on-cycle or off-cycle.  His favorite thing about them is that they provide certificates of analysis on their batches which were independently tested. He also makes the point that veterans on the forums have anonymously purchased Para Pharma, then had them randomly sent off to be tested and the results have come back 98-99% pure and also the products are what they claim.

Mobster says in all his years the only complaint you might see is someone who had a bad injection with their products and had some post-injection pain.  They have been around for over 12 years and are easily a top 5 brand.

Clean bulk vs. Dirty bulk

Steve gives an example of a bulk he did over the course of a year where he went from 7% body fat to 17% body fat running 2 different steroid cycles which included Dianabol.  He put on 20-25 pounds during this time and was eating 80-90% clean.  This is more of a moderate bulk where he was eating 500-1000 calories in a surplus and eating pre and post workout a large meal.

A true dirty bulk is where you go to a low-class buffet or eat fast food every day and have no care about what you put into your body.  Poor quality cheeseburgers, white bread, fried foods, pizza, ice cream, cake, pasta, and cookies are food examples of what you would eat on a dirty bulk.  Essentially, you are keeping your insulin levels elevated all day where your body is in fat storage mode.

Mobster gives an example of a greasy Philly cheese steak sandwich along with cheesecake afterward as his dirty bulk meal of the day. He compares it to If It Fits Your Macros IIFYM where people eat what they want as long as it fits their overall macros for the day.

The problem is it gets out of control, and is far too many calories, and you end up gaining lots of body fat where it becomes difficult to lose it back. You also open yourself to gut issues, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems.

He brings up the example of Dexter Jackson who maintained a healthy and nutritious diet even while gaining 50-75 quality pounds over years via bulking.


Can you stack more than 1 oral at a time?

AST and ALT are 2 important blood markers to keep an eye on and will normally test above the range on an oral cycle.  Steve says this is because most oral steroids are 17AA (17-alpha alkylated) so this allows them to be orally active, and in the process, makes them hepatoxic which strains the liver.  It is normal to have liver strain on cycle but we must make sure it goes back to normal when we come off, and we are running our liver support supplements. Steve brings up the example of people who say they had major problems with orals who also were drinking alcohol and were on other drugs for depression or anxiety.

Steve says if you want to stack oral steroids it is smart to run 50% less of the recommended dosage 2 at a time.

Mobster says you can get liver strain on injectables and he has seen plenty of pros with major kidney ailments from them.  So it isn't fair to say that oral steroids are the devil and dangerous.

In the end, bloodwork tells the truth, and if you use these oral steroids properly you will be fine. Steve knows people who have used oral steroids for 20-30 years who are healthy.


Our favorite oral steroid cycles

Para Pharma has orals that come in 100-tab sachets/bags.

Para Pharma Anadrol 50mgs per tab:  Steve says that Anadrol is a dummy-proof oral steroid and is easy to use.  Simple run 1 tab per day for 4-5 weeks.  You can easily bulk on it with strength gains, and it will provide a moderate appetite increase. Although it is a DHT derivative, which means it cannot aromatize into estrogen, it still can bind to estrogen receptors. So Steve recommends you pick up some Para Pharma Nolvadex and keep it on hand in case you run into tricky estrogen issues.

Para Pharma Anavar 10 and 50:  Mobster says that this is his favorite oral steroid and it's a dry bulker for him.  He says he always adds 5 pounds the first week he is on it and it is not water retention at all.  Side effects are low and typically you will deal with some pumps if you like to do cardio.  Overall, it's a great light and dry bulker with minimal problems.  Mobster likes 50mgs a day for a male for up to 8 weeks, with females using up to 10-15mgs.

Para Pharma Dianabol 20:  This is another dummy-proof bulking oral steroid that has been used in bodybuilding in America since Dr. John Zeigler introduced it to athletes/Olympians. Consider it like oral testosterone.  It aromatizes into estrogen very rapidly so expect to quickly add lots of mass, including water weight, so make sure you keep Para Pharma Aromasin on hand.  Steve recommends 20-50mgs a day for 4-6 weeks.

Para Pharma Superdrol 10:  Superdrol works very rapidly and cannot aromatize into estrogen. Steve says this means the gains you get on it are pure muscle mass but it is an extremely toxic steroid so use caution.  He recommends 10-30mgs a day for 2-3 weeks.

Para Pharma Tbol 20:  Tbol is incapable of aromatizing into estrogen, so the gains you get on it will be pure muscle mass.  However, it is an extremely mild bulker so expect only a few pounds gain on cycle. This is good for those who want to bulk up but also like to be active.  Use up to 50mgs a day for up to 8 weeks.

Tips and tricks to bulking on orals

The guys finish the podcast with some quick easy-to-follow tips.

Mobster says to visualize food if you struggle to eat.

Steve says don't make your body more toxic and sick by consuming things like weight gainers or junky foods. The more natural your diet the better.


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