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Cheque drops (mibolerone)

Cheque drops (chemical name: mibolerone) were originally developed by Upjohn for the veterinarian market and never meant for human consumption.  This is arguably the most liver-toxic steroid on the planet, so only 2 weeks on this AAS at a dose of 5mgs per day is enough for a user to experience very bad side-effects.  In veterinarian applications, cheque drops are fed to female dogs during heat to stop ovulation, so the bitch can be kept under control.

Because of the short 2-week time frame one can use this steroid, it is impossible to gain any significant muscle from using it.  Using Cheque drops for more than 2 weeks will surely result in imminent liver damage, so most users never use it more than that.  As a result, there is never enough time for this drug to impart any noticeable anabolic effects.

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Cheque drops are a liquid preparation of the steroid mibolerone, which are used by bodybuilders, power lifters, strength athletes and fighters, all for the purpose of increasing aggression and performance on the day of competition.  Cheque drops are effective when used just 30 minutes before competition.  The user will experience increased aggression, focus and competitive drive. Although this steroid does not contain any direct stimulants, it displays a very noticeable action on CNS (Central Nervous System) through a sort of androgen overload.  This is the only reason this drug is used by athletes, as muscle gains are unnoticeable with this drug.


Upjohn stopped producing Cheque drops many years ago, so not many bottles (if any at all) exist of the original product made by Upjohn.  Although legit Cheque Drops are hard to come by, there are plenty underground versions of mibolerone containing products that can be ordered from the underground market.  Price can vary, but, in the end, mg per mg this is a pretty expensive steroid as compared to others like Deca Durabolin and Dianabol.

Dosages and Uses

Most athletes use about 5mgs about 30min prior to training or competition.  It is not really “stacked” with anything except cardarine.  It is usually used just prior to important training sessions or competitions.  Many athletes already using heavy doses of steroids add in cheque drops as a pre-event enhancer.


There isn’t any real evidence anecdotal or otherwise that athletes are using Cheque drops in a “cycle” like it is common with other steroids.  It seems this steroid has staked a solid claim as the pre-event steroid of choice for increasing aggression and competitive drive.  However, no considerable gains in muscle mass can be achieved on this drug due to the fact it can only be used in short 2 week spans, in small 5mg doses.  Any more time on it, or a heavier dose, and health concerns are imminent.


The half-life of mibolerone is rather short at around 4hrs, so athletes who want to harness the full power of this product use it about 20 to 30 minutes before they will need the boost.  Some competitors may dose the product a second time in the same day when doing long events, usually allowing for a full 5hr time span in between 5mg servings.  Remember, you have to use a liver support aid like N2Guard to make sure the toxic impact of mibolerone is lessened.

Side Effects

Cheque Drops cause some noticeable aggression in its users within minutes of dosing the products.  If the product is used daily for two weeks or more, the user will experience signs of having an impaired liver like: lethargy, trouble sleeping, trouble with bowel movements, yellowing of the whites of the eyes and in some cases total live failure.  This is not a steroid for gains, this is a veterinarian steroid that's been misused by many athletes for the wrong purpose.

Trade Names

  • Cheque Drops  by UpJohn
  • GP Cheque Drops by Geneza
  • Cheque Drops 2000 by Apollo Labs



gp cheque drops

GP Cheque Drops

upjohn cheque drops

Upjohn Original Cheque drops


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