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Summer Cutting Trenbolone with Geneza Pharma

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Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary Underground!  This is the 25th episode. Steve and Mobster talk about Summer cutting with Trenbolone using the Geneza Pharma brand.  Steve says that if you react well to Tren it can be the most incredible steroid you will ever run, capable of transforming your body in a short time.  This is the podcast to learn how to use Tren to get the maximum cutting benefits so you can get shredded during the summer!

Why is Geneza Pharma is so good?

The guys start this segment by discussing how much they love using Geneza Pharma products.  Steve points out that the GP brand has been around for a very long time and is known as one of the most quality brands you will find.  The nice thing about Geneza Pharma Tren is that it is dosed correctly, and the GP brand is going to be the cleanest Tren you will find.  Steve also points out that he has used their Tren so he knows it is good to go.

Mobster says that GP is tried and tested with bloodwork to back it up.  In an industry where sources and brands come and go, GP is a consistent brand that doesn't disappoint.  He also says he has gotten great results on Geneza Pharma.

Finally, Steve says that the danger of running poor quality Tren can lead to major toxicity, so make sure you are always using quality Tren.

Different types of tren options GP

The guys in this segment get into the different options with Geneza Pharma to use their Tren.  Steve goes off on a funny rant about oral steroids vs. injectables.  He points out that even though orals may not be as effective as injectables in the long run, you can most certainly use them.  In this case, GP does a great job of catering to everybody and offers an oral version of Trenbolone.  The guys recommend using GP Oral Tren 250mcg-1000mcg maximum a day for 4-6 weeks.

Steve talks about the next one called GP Tren Ace 100mgs/ml 10ML vials.  This is the most popular Tren because it is in your system fast, and out of your system quickly too once you stop using it. Steve recommends dosing it at least 3-7x per week at 150mgs up to 400mgs total, with some professionals even going higher.  The nice thing about this choice is you can run it for 5 or 6 weeks and be very flexible and then decide whether to extend the cycle or not.

The next one the guys discuss is Tren Enanthate, which is called GP Tren E200 which is 200mgs/ml 10ML vials. Steve says if you have experience and are okay with a longer-lasting ester go with this one. The advantage is you only have to inject it once or twice a week.  Also, since each CC is 200mgs, that cuts down on the number of injections too.

Next, is Tri-tren 150 which is a mix of 3 Tren esters all in 1.  It is 50mgs of Tren Ace, 50mgs of Tren E, and 50mgs of Tren Hex.  Steve says you are getting a short ester, intermediate ester, and long ester when you use this blend.  Some people love using different esters because they swear it gives them better results.   Mobster says a lot of that is psychological and some people will react well to different esters mixed in.

Finally, GP Andromix is the most popular Tren blend that Geneza Pharma sells. It is a blend of short-acting Testosterone Prop, Tren Ace, and Masteron Prop.   It is 50mgs of each, making it 150mgs/ml total.  With this one, Steve says you could inject it daily 1CC if you don't mind injecting, while Mobster says he would run it 3X per week, and you would inject it 1-3CCs per injection to give you the desired dosage.

Best ways to stack Tren with other steroids for cutting

One of the best cutting steroids is Anavar, and GP sells a great Anavar option that stacks extremely well with Tren.  If you want to go the cheaper route you can also use Turinabol which is a great oral steroid in its own right.  With either, you can dose them 40-60mgs per day and get great synergy.

Mobster is a huge fan of Anavar, aside from the pumps he gets on it, and reacts very well at lower dosages than other people.  He likes using it with Tren for cutting due to the hardening and vascularity effects.

The next steroid that stacks amazingly well with Tren is Masteron.  With Masteron, you have 2 options from GP, the shorter ester Prop or the longer ester Enanthate. Steve likes a dose of 400-600mgs a week.

Many people will be surprised to know that Equipoise stacks well with Tren for cutting too. Steve says the GP Bold 300 is one of his favorites for this purpose due to its mild properties and the ability to improve cardio.

Another one is GP Prima100, which is Primbolan of course.  This is a more expensive option but Primo is one of the all-time best steroids for hardening, cutting, and recomping.

The last one the guys recommend is Winstrol.  Mobster cautions that you need to be careful about head hair loss when stacking Tren with Winstrol. However, if you are like him and don't have hair it can be one of the best stacks for shredding down hard and drying out.

Side effects to watch out for

The guys discuss in depth about preparing to use Tren during the hot summer months and offer tips.  Tren is one of the worst steroids when it comes to how it makes you feel hot and sweaty all the time.

Steve says that drinking lots of water and sleeping naked with a quiet fan blowing on you is your best way to conquer the tren sweats and insomnia.

Mobster also recommends putting your sheet or blanket in the fridge to cool it down at night.

Another side effect to watch out for with Tren is how it can affect your mind and health. This is why the guys both say before you go near Tren make sure you are of sound mind and body. Do not use Tren if you have any sort of psychological issues, as it can make it worse.


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