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Why I LOVE D-Spark

d-spark-bottleThere is one word that you will often here when Need To Build Muscle products are spoken about. The word is “versatility”. NTBM designs it’s products to have multiple uses and benefits for different scenarios and goals. The first product that comes to mind when I think of versatility is D-Spark. D-Spark may be the most versatile product in the entire NTBM lineup, and that is saying A LOT. D-Spark has THREE different types of uses where it truly shines and they are all in a different manner.

The first way would be to run it as a stand-alone muscle builder or as part of bridge in between cycles... An optimal way to run it for these types of cycles would be to take 2-3 tabs per day with food and make sure to spread it out evenly throughout the day... I feel that 3 tabs is the optimal dosage here... It will decrease estrogen, so only take 3 if you can tolerate a bit lower estrogen level... Make sure to take in plenty of protein and train for strength and size... I would highly recommend incorporating the supplement GEAR with this method to fully enhance muscle protein synthesis and get the most results you can get in the size aspect...

The second way to run D-Spark is as a non-stim PreWorkout... This method will provide bigger and tighter pumps in the gym as well as acting as a blood flow enhancer... The optimal way to dose this for this method would be to take 2-3 tabs 60-90 minutes before your workout... You will get a spike in testosterone with this product and a big increase in confidence while performing.



The third way to effectively utilize D-Spark is as an AI during a cycle or during Post Cycle Therapy... Many use D-Spark as an AI to complement while taking HcGenerate, Clomid, or any other recovery agents. If you are running D-Spark in pct then I would recommend starting at 3 tabs per day and then dropping it down to 2 tabs per day after 7-10 days. The optimal dose for using D-Spark on cycle is 4 to 5 tablets a day dependent upon the AI needs of the user... I would recommend starting at 4 and assessing from that point forward...

As you can see from the description above, D-Spark is effective in a multitude of ways as provides needs for many different scenarios and users... I stand by this product as being one of the most underrated supplements out there and one that is HIGHLY effective and definitely useful to all of you... You have so many different options with D-Spark use and having that sort of versatility is extremely rare and puts D-Spark in a league of its own.



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Dylan Gemelli is a Certified personal trainer and Coach. He has over 15 years of experience in bodybuilding, fitness, training and coaching. He's worked with multiple movie stars, IFBB pros and fitness celebs on their training and diet. He's helped set up cycles for the greatest in our industry. He holds the following qualifications: NASM Personal Trainer NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist AFAA Group Fitness NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist NASM Weight Loss Specialist

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