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Dan Green Steroid Cycle

Dan Green isn't a huge social media superstar like some of his 20-something aesthetic peers, but he is highly respected in the powerlifting community. Being 34 years old, Dan stands at 5'10" and has competed in the 220 and 242 weight classes. As a matter of fact, he has world records to his name:

World Records

220-pound weight class

  • Raw Squat w/o wraps 783 lbs
  • Raw Total w/o wraps 2099 lbs

242 weight class

  • Raw total with and w/o wraps 2210 lbs
  • Raw total w/o wraps 2083 lbs (squat 750, bench 513, deadlift 821)
Dan Green steroids

Dan Green Posing

Social media and gym

Green has a decent sized social media following with over 250K fans on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/dangreenpowerlifter/?hl=en). There Dan posts mostly videos of him lifting heavy weights and pictures of food. In addition to that, he has a Facebook page with almost identical content (https://www.facebook.com/DanGreenRawPowerlifter/). What's more, he also has a tiny YouTube channel, which is rarely updated: https://www.youtube.com/user/greenanddan/videos

Nonetheless, Dan Green has many videos of his amazing lifts on this channel. The most popular ones are the following:

......breaking a world record in the 242 lb weight class, doing 2160 pounds total back in 2013

.....training montage

.....giving some really good bench pressing tips

However, unlike many other social media stars, Green owns "The Boss Barbell Club" (http://www.bossbarbell.com/) - a private gym open to those who are new to training and experienced lifters alike. Green also does seminars and private training.

Dan Green's training

Green believes in the SAID principle, which stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. This can apply to any skill in life, but the bottom line is you must adapt your body by training it at a specific skill. In this particular case, if you wanted to improve your bench press, you would need to train bench press. You won't improve your bench by training your calves or abs right? This concept is amazingly simple, yet goes over the heads of many who complain about not getting stronger in the gym. Furthermore, practicing form and doing the lift in the exact same manner is important, because it is the technical consistency that makes the difference.

Dan also preaches linear progression and doing a lot of volume until you cannot recover, then backing off. He likes the "more is better" approach, but you must keep making progress or you are doing it wrong. Once Green gets closer and closer to an actual competition he switches from more volume to more skill. For example, learning how to engage more muscles during a squat will increase the weight you will be able to lift.

Dan Green lifts

Here is an example of his power training split

  • Monday: Back squats, low and high bar
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Front Squats
  • Thursday: Military press, dumbbell press. with arms done afterward
  • Friday: Deadlifts, block pulls and deficits with very few pulls off the floor
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Bench Press, pause bench, speed bench, wide and close grip

Light days

As you might imagine already, Dan Green advocates the going heavy to get stronger and doesn't really like the idea of training light on days you don't feel well. An example of this would be if you are weak that day and cannot do 3 plates like you usually could for reps - it is okay to drop it down to the high 200's. However, dropping it further would be pointless. After all, what is the point of benching 200 pounds when you are trying to do 400? At that point, your body just isn't into it and you should just call it a day as your body needs a rest.


Green always stays above his competition weight and then diets down going into the meet. This is a strategy all powerlifters will use as they focus on strength when training. Dan says that he works with a nutritionist, who has him eat protein, low-fat during the day, and carbs right before/after workouts. On his rest days, Dan will have no carbs and bumps up protein.

His favorite breakfast is lots of scrambled eggs with sausage, toast, and butter. He also does not drink too many protein shakes - maybe just one after lifting. He likes to go to sleep a bit hungry.

On a typical day, Green keeps things simple with food: low carbs and lean protein with a bump of carbs only going into workouts because he hates being flat.

He is an advocate of instinctive dieting and fasting too. According to Dan, if you do not know how to eat by instinct you will not be able to succeed in making weight consistently as a powerlifter.

Other tips

Dan has offered free advice about little things he has done on various forums aside from what was already mentioned. For instance, he mentions that an important thing to do is stretching the lower body, as this will help open up the hips so you can get stronger and stay healthy. In fact, he says flat out if you are not flexible in your hips you will never succeed at squatting.

Green also provides tips for deadlifts, some of them related to the importance of the grip. If you do a sumo grip you should have a narrower grip. He says the left-hand index finger and right-hand pinky should be very close to the smooth part of the bar. Regarding the other deadlift grips, Dan recommends experimenting with different ones to find those that work best for you.

In his particular case, Dan personally does not like to undergrab because he loses his grip easier that way. He also stresses that you should want a grip that keeps your arms longer since this gives you an advantage on a deadlift. In an additional tip regarding the conventional grip of hand placement, Dan recommends to hold the bar no more than 1" from the smooth part of the bar.

Finally, Green recommends guys to use deadlift blocks or pins at the gym to help prevent mobility issues and then gradually lowering them down as you get better at it.

Steroid cycle

Only a naive person would believe that Green broke records in powerlifting naturally. This doesn't mean you can simply run a steroid cycle and magically bench, squat or deadlift the crazy weight he does. Green is genetically gifted and also has put in the hours in the gym! This is what we speculate Green probably uses to get so strong.

-Trenbolone Enanthate: 1000mg a week

-Testosterone Cypionate: 1000mg a week

-Deca Durabolin: 800mg a week

-Turinabol: 80mg a day

-Halotestin: 50mg a day

-HGH: 10Ius per day

-Cardarine: 20mg a day


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*DISCLAIMER: The cycle above is our opinion on what Dan Green could have used, this is for information and entertainment purposes only. There is no direct evidence that Dan Green used steroids or any other drugs, these are rumors or leaks.

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