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Desma Winstrol

Desma (also known as Zambon) is the name of a Spanish manufacturer of winstrol (stanozolol).  In fact, it is considered to be the top of the line winstrol that is pharma/human grade.  As a result, winstrol from this particular manufacturer is widely counterfeited.  In this article we will discuss how to differentiate real Desma winstrol from a fake one, and why you should never inject underground lab winstrol.

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How to spot a fake

Desma winstrol is counterfeited more than any other steroid out there.  Only Bayer primobolan is counterfeited as much.  The original Desma winstrol comes in ampules of 50 milligrams (mg) each.  When you let the amp stand, you should have the bottom portion of the amp appear like a milky substance, and the height of the water should be perfectly in line.

Furthermore, when you compare the original product with the fake Desma winstrol, you will see that the dates on the amps are different, as well as the height of the amps and the box it comes in.

Fake Desma Winstrol

desma winstrol depot

Real Desma Winstrol

zambon winstrol real

Real Zambons Winstrol

UGL winstrol

UGL stands for underground labs, and these labs have gotten the reputation of producing 'bathtub gear.'  The main reason for such a reputation are the poor sanitary conditions of making steroids in these underground labs.  Therefore, the major danger of using underground lab winstrol is the risk it poses to inject.

If you have ever injected winstrol, you should know how painful it is because it's water based (unlike most injectables, which are oil based).  You may not realize though that it is much easier for bacteria to live in water based gear, so unless the underground labs maintain top notch sanitation, it is very likely that you will be injecting unwanted bacteria into your body, leading to such serious problems as abscesses and infections.

Background and facts

Desma winstrol can be a painful injection, and users may experience post injection pain (PIP).  However, the good news is that you can drink it and still get all of its benefits.  Yes it's true, you can actually drink winstrol, and it doesn't taste as bad as you would think either.

As a matter of fact, winstrol is a favorite steroid among bodybuilders because it is a DHT derivative compound.  Therefore, it can not aromatize in the body at all, and such estrogenic problems as water retention, bloat, and gynecomastia do not occur with winstrol.  What's more, it can be also added to a cycle in order to help inhibit estrogen.  Nevertheless, you should never rely solely on winstrol for this purpose, and an aromatase inhibitor (AI) should always be used.

For these reasons winstrol is popularly used as a pre-contest compound to give the user a harder and dryer appearance, which is why winstrol is considered a 'cutting' steroid.  Those looking for serious muscle mass and size will be disappointed with winstrol, as this is not what it is intended for.

Winstrol's involvement in steroid busts

Interestingly, winstrol is involved in the most popular story ever of an athlete being busted for steroids.  This happened when the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson got busted for using winstrol (stanozolol) during the Olympics.  Nevertheless, in reality it is more likely that he took winstrol simply to shed some water weight and dry out, since winstrol is not something I would recommend for a runner.

Side effects

Unfortunately, the drying effects of stanozolol can cause joint discomfort.  Hence, abusing this compound is not wise, and you should always take a joint support supplement, such as N2Joint RX, when using winstrol.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the reason for side effects seen with winstrol.  DHT is the male sex hormone that we naturally produce as males because a percentage of our testosterone gets converted into this hormone.  However, when winstrol is used, the amount of DHT rises, leading to such negative effects as the frying of head hair follicles.  To solve this problem some people suggest to use 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, like finasteride or dutasteride.  Nonetheless, remember that if you do this, you are inhibiting DHT in your body, and this can lead to problems with your libido even on the long term.  Hence, the logical solution would be not to abuse winstrol.

Half life

The half life of Desma Winstrol is only 1 day, roughly 24 hours.


Desma winstrol should be taken at least every other day for maximum results.  Users will either inject, or drink 25-100 milligrams (mg) per day, or every other day.  Keep in mind that if your dosage is high, you will open yourself up to potential side effects.


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