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Diet and Testosterone Part 1

A Calorie is a Calorie…or is it? - How Diet and Testosterone come together to help you build a Great Physique

testosterone calories

Fig 1. Testosterone Chemical Structure

Do you know the difference between a Powerlifter and a Bodybuilder? Although both groups of athletes have been known to make full use of Testosterone and other anabolic steroids to help their progress, the real difference between the two is Calorie Management. A POWERlifter goes to the gym, picks up heavy objects, and then puts them back down again to develop power. A bodyBUILDER does all of this too in order to gain some power, but they also control their diet to reflect a desired body composition goal. In other words, he/she eats to achieve a certain look. For example, they may go on a low-calorie cutting cycle to get shredded, or go on a mass-consuming bulking phase to get huge. The bodybuilder is always looking to get bigger and leaner, and in order to achieve that goal, they must know how to control their calories.

Read on and find out how to easily control your calorie intake in order to get shredded below 5% body fat, or grow to monstrous proportions beyond a ripped 220lbs. Yes, when you apply the guidelines in this article, results will be amazing! We all have seen how some guys who are using Testosterone enhancement products or Steroids tend see much better results - faster, than those that don't use any Testosterone - but this information can help anybody who cares about their looks, so please read on.

“Natural training program to get you shredded, NO drugs and NO Diet!”  <--- Yeah Right!

Don’t you love it when your computer screen gets invaded by an ad for a program that promises to transform your body without any drugs or change in diet? - Great marketing ploy, who wouldn’t pay top dollar for those “x amount of strange secrets to get ripped naturally without diets!?”
Well, we are here to burst your bubble and tell you that all that is crap, and you will not see real progress unless your calorie intake is done right. So you can take those “no diet and no drugs” claims and toss them in the trash with the rest of the “Natural Program that makes you grow like Steroids” garbage, because that’s where they belong. Don't be fooled anymore, just read on and we will give you the real science-based information you need to achieve a ripped physique. Eating for a great physique is not as easy as the “No diet program” that people try to sell you, but not as complicated as it sounds either.

After High Testosterone levels, nothing will alter your body shape and condition more than dieting. When bodybuilders train for a competition, they adjust 3 things – training, Testosterone/Steroid use and diet. If they JUST trained a little harder, or if they JUST added Testosterone to their muscles or they JUST strictly kept a clean diet, which do you think would make the biggest difference in body fat/muscle mass ratio? As a first, we could say Testosterone levels are a huge determining factor in how you look. But the absolute second we think is diet and there’s just no two ways about it. High
Testosterone levels + proper caloric intake = The body of a Greek God

We are here to tell you that no matter how hard you work in the gym, calories and the macronutrients that make up those calories are very important towards your goals, along with Testosterone levels, which are a huge part of what determines the body shape you see in the mirror each day. Sure, high Testosterone can improve the way your body utilizes these nutrients towards your goals of building muscle and losing body fat, we all know that. However you can't neglect your total caloric intake amounts. Everyone has heard the expression “You are what you eat,” and that is exactly the truth. You just have to know how many calories to consume, and we will teach you how to compute that equation in this article series; not only that but how and why those calories should be broken down into a macronutrients % per day. Your three Macronutrients are: Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates – You knew this stuff already.  Still some of you say:
“But diets are so complicated” – so they say, but NOT really. Actually keeping a clean diet is pretty simple if you have the correct understanding of what foods you should eat.

Now read on for the fun part:
There are three macronutrients that calories come from. They are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. They are all important for different reasons, and the amounts and types of each that you consume can really make a dramatic impact on your overall body composition. Even though you have a specific caloric target each day to reach your goal, you must have an ideal macronutrient breakdown of those calories that will suit your goal for the best possible results. “Eating clean” refers to just that, eating the proper ratio of macronutriets for your goals and body type each day.
To know how many calories you are eating, use this guideline as a general rule of thumb:
*Protein is 4 calories per gram
*Carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram
*Fat is 9 calories per gram

amino acids diet

Fig 2. Amino Acids (Protein) Structure

Now that you know just how many calories are in each gram of the three macronutrients, it will be easier to quickly gauge your total caloric consumption at each meal. There are now apps you can download to your phone to track your daily intake. If you want a simple way of eating a clean diet, just keep reading along. It is a little complex, but you'll be real happy to learn this new stuff. In the explanation of macronutrients below, you'll find an equation you can use to determine your very own calorie and macronutrient needs.

Determining your Macronutrient Needs
So let’s start simple and clear away a lot of confusion. In fact, let’s explain this so a child could understand it – because that’s exactly what the AMA did back in the 1950’s, when they designed what was called the “Food Pyramid,” and it was posted in the classrooms of elementary school nationwide.
The Food Pyramid was divided into 3 sections. At the top of the pyramid were the most important foods, and they were thought to be protein and fats – foods like meat, fish, eggs and milk. That’s what was suggested you mostly eat.

The middle tier of the pyramid was carbohydrates, or what was referred to as “starches.” That was the stuff like potatoes, rice, cereals and bread. They were “side dishes,” something you had along with the “main” protein foods.

At the bottom were simple sugars – desserts, cookies, muffins, juices, cookies, etc. They were meant to be eaten in moderation.

Over the years, this scale was ridiculed and considered outdated and unscientific. Too high in fat. Too low in carbs. Too high in cholesterol-laden foods like red meat and eggs. But you know what? It turns out it’s pretty darn close to what a Bodybuilder needs to get huge. If you followed the simple principle of eating wholesome foods, emphasizing protein intake at about 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, and keeping junk to a minimum (or for top condition, eliminating it all together), all you really need to do is consume more calories if your goal is to gain mass, or decrease calories if your goal is to lose fat. As mentioned earlier, keeping Testosterone levels on the optimal high range is a sure way to ensure the progress comes along faster and more dramatic.

Make sure to catch Part 2 of this article series, where we'll provide some examples about how you can manipulate macronutrient rations even further to fit your own goals and body-type. We will also give you a whole set of guidelines to follow – this is all pretty simple stuff that you don't need to pay a ton of cash for, so check out Part 2.

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