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Djokovic Takes Battle Against Anti-Doping Official

Djokovic Takes Battle Against Anti-Doping OfficialNovak Djokovic, the Serbian professional tennis player who is currently ranked World No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals, has signed a petition that he hopes will convince the International Tennis Federation to come up with new anti-doping rules.

Djokovic sent this petition in support of his Davis Cup teammate Viktor Troicki who is presently serving a suspension of 18 months for his failure to provide a blood sample in April during the Monte Carlo Masters. Troicki has claimed that he provided urine sample, but asked the anti-doping official not to collect the blood sample as he was too sick. He further claimed that the official told him that he had the option of being tested the next day but the anti-doping official claims that she never said anything like that. He also claimed that the official, Dr. Gorodoliva, told him that he can take the test the next day if he wrote a letter to the ITF explaining the reason why he could not take a test that day. Viktor Troicki is taking his suspension to be revoked before the Court of Arbitration of Sport.

Djokovic told reporters that the entire case around Viktor is just very unfair towards him and said he believes Viktor hasn’t been charged for being positive on any kind of substance and he was just accused of failing to provide the blood test that day. Novak Djokovic also remarked that he knows Viktor since he was eight years old and he is one of his best friends and there is no doubt in his mind that he is innocent. The tennis star went on to add that he hopes he’s going to be discharged and he’s going to be able to play, because he’s definitely not guilty and said he hopes to see Viktor in the next couple weeks, and he’s going to be with us in Davis Cup final, because we wish him that.

The ITF panel in its decision remarked Troicki did not properly take on board at the time her statement that she could not advise him as to whether his reason for not giving blood was a valid one, and he elevated her statement that he should put his explanation in writing to the ITF into something that it was not – he saw it as being offered as a potential solution to the problem, whereas it was in fact being proposed by her merely as part of the due process to be followed in such circumstances.

Djokovic remarked the anti-doping official is lying a lot and said she failed to tell the truth in the London court. He also remarked that is very bad for anti-doping agency, to have people who are responsible for this work to fail to say what really happened that day and there was another person present in the room that day that wrote perfect English on the report, and then in the court in London he didn’t understand a single word. Djokovic added that it is just not fair towards the players, because there has to be I guess technology or a camera or an additional person in the room while you’re doing the test, because then -- the player has no really rights.

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