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Dosing Winstrol

Winstrol (stanozolol) is one of the most well known, and historically used, steroids in the fitness and bodybuilding world today. It is best known for the ability to aid in aesthetics, strength, lean size and contest preparation, which makes it a favorite amongst many. Like every other steroid, there are obvious misconceptions about winstrol dosing. Misuse of winstrol, or any other steroid, can cause adverse side effects that a user will not want to experience.

stanozolol chemical-structure

Fig 1. Stanozolol Chemical Structure

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Winstrol provides many benefits to a user. It possess the ability to add quality and sustainable size while allowing for aesthetically pleasing results. A “winstrol-look” is a look that is difficult to achieve but is one of the most sought after. Proper stanozolol use is imperative in achieving this hard, dry look. Although winstrol sounds like a no brainer, it can be very difficult for many users to cycle because of the side effects. Understanding what comes with winstrol use, how to protect yourself and dose it properly are integral before beginning usage. One must fully understand and address any possible side effects before determining the correct dosing scheme to utilize.

Side Effects

Winstrol is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derivative. DHT is looked upon as a chemical cousin of testosterone. It is responsible for the sexual differentiation that occurs in the womb before we are born. It is the dihydrotestosterone levels in the womb that determine whether or not the fetus will develop into a male or female. Clearly, DHT is an extremely strong androgen and is the most androgenic of all hormones. The biggest problem with DHT is that it plays a significant role in hair loss. This is a side effect that is very common with winstrol use. As a result, if you're susceptible to male pattern baldness, winstrol may not be an optimal choice (at least not in high dosages).

Winstrol is a 17-alpha alkylated oral steroid and can wreak havoc on a users internal organs and cholesterol. In addition, winstrol can cause high amounts of joint pain due to the extreme drying out that can occur within a user's body. Lastly, winstrol will cause testosterone suppression; thus, the need for a full PCT (post cycle therapy) with any period of use.


Before you begin your cycle, you should have ALL cycle supports ready. Ancillaries and post cycle products should be ON HAND and ready for use. One of the hardest lessons learned amongst steroid users is either not understanding or not addressing possible side effects.

To address hair loss, there are several products on the market that can help, but have been shown to be extremely dangerous, both short and long term. It is extremely important to do thorough research before using any anti-hair loss products. Many can cause an increase in estrogen and a drop in libido.

A strong joint protectant or formula should be used in conjunction with winstrol use. N2JoinRX is a good example of a formula with multiple joint support benefits. It has calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, msm and many more ingredients.

For protection against the liver and kidney problem, a full cycle protectant known as N2Guard will need to be utilized. It offer full protection and allows for optimal recovery as well. N2Guard will allow you to run oral steroids without the worry of liver failure. In addition, using cardarine (gw) to boost cardio and endurance would be beneficial.

Lastly, keeping on-cycle suppression at bay is crucial; as a result, the use of HCGenerate is a must. It will keep on-cycle suppression to a minimum, making your transition into post cycle therapy much smoother. It will allow for an optimal recovery and more keepable gains. HCGenerate will also prevent testicular shrinkage on cycle and keep your libido strong.


Winstrol is a steroid that does not need to be dosed at extreme doses to be effective. The most common length of time winstrol is used is 6 weeks. It can safely be ran up to 8 weeks, but a user may find the sides to become unbearable at this point. Eight weeks would be the top end of dosing but 6 will be the most optimal. A user can still see strong results at 4 weeks but may find that 4 weeks is not a sufficient amount of time for good results. I have seen guys run orals up to 10 weeks, but they stacked it with massive amounts of N2Guard to protect their liver and kidneys.

Winstrol is most effectively dosed at 50 mg per day (for men) and around 5mgs per day (for women) for 6 weeks. A user will find that exceeding this dose will not bring a lot more gains, but will result in more side effects. Another dosing pattern to consider is dropping the dose in half to 25 mg per day for men and around 2.5mgs per day for women. This dosing pattern may seem conservative, but if ran in conjunction with the proper stack, it can be extremely effective. At this more moderate dose, you will be able to acclimate to the side effects, which is more effective in all aspects of a cycle due to lessening of side effects.

A little side note, I don't recommend women use steroids. The only safe cycles for women are anavar with cardarine.

Winstrol can be used in several different ways, but the most common and popular way to use it is at the end of a cycle, to add the muscle hardening look that many users desire. It will help to “clean up” gains made on cycle and lead one into Post Cycle Therapy with a more aesthetically pleasing look.


Winstrol dosing is something that should be taken very serious as the side effects from it can become a hindrance if not properly used. Determining what your body can handle by easing into dosing may be the safest and smartest method. Putting health and safety first is integral in utilizing these compounds to the highest extent and ensuring yourself the safest, yet most effective, scenario possible. Winstrol can give amazing results and if dosed properly.

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