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Euro Pharma in the New Year 2024


Euro pharmacies

Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0.  In episode #46, Steve and Mobster talk about Euro Pharmacies in the New Year 2024.  The guys will discuss why Euro Pharmacies is such a great source, innovations for 2024, and their favorite steroids/stacks/cycles for 2024 from Euro Pharmacies.

Why Euro Pharmacies

Mobster says his daily go-to steroid stash is mostly made up of Euro Pharmacies and that is how it is.  The reason is they have certificates of analysis, they have an about section on where they are based, and they have ancillaries, sarms, peptides, oral steroids, injectable steroids, and everything else you would possibly need all in 1 place.

Mobster says that he used to own a supplement company, so he knows how it works in the industry, when it comes to companies that are lazy and professional. Euro Pharmacies is 100% professional and on top of its game from top to bottom. Even on the forums, they provide the best reps in the industry who are always there to answer questions and handle any sort of customer service issues.

Steve says that shipping is very important, when it comes to sources, whether it is international shipping or domestic. He says that there are ways to do it, and ways to not do it, which can put your customers in a bind.  Having shippers that are competent and won't screw up an apartment number is important for example.  Euro Pharmacies has competent people working for them and they ship the products out quickly.


Using EP and Innovations for 2024

Steve says that Euro Pharmacies has their products tested before they even list their products for sale.  This is important because it ensures when you order Primo and Anavar that you are getting those products, and not ending up with gyno because they are actually deca and dbol.  It is enough of a war to constantly try to build muscle and strength, while also cutting body fat, that nobody wants to worry what they are using is good or not. That is why Steve and Mobster trust Euro Pharmacies with their bodies.

Steve says no matter what kind of year you had in 2023, it's important to go into 2024 looking to improve.  One of the strategies you can start with is going to the Euro Pharmacies website, and looking through cycles that might not be something you have used before or a goal you wanted, but trying something different this time.

Mobster loves that Euro Pharmacies asks the customers what they want.  One of the things they have brought to the market is 15ML vials, which will cut down on the amount of space you need by 50%, and number of vials you need for a cycle.

They also produce different blends based on what customers are looking for. Whether it be a testosterone blend, a trenbolone blend, mixing long and short esters, cutting blends, or bulking blends; they are constantly listening to their customers and filling what they want.  He also loves that they are always adding to their product lines to offer you many options that customers are demanding in 2024.


Best Euro Pharmacies 2024 steroids and cycles

Steve says his first advice for 2024 is to try something different.  If you spent 2023 cutting then try a bulker instead, if you tried cutting then switch to a strength or bulking stack.

A cutting cycle he starts with is EP Oxandrolex (Anavar) 10mgs and 25mgs which is one of the best steroids for this purpose. Stacking the EP Primobolan Acetate or Depot (Enanthate) would work well along with some low-dose Testosterone.  Steve says that EP has you covered with all their testosterone options including Test Cyp, Test E, Test Prop, Test no ester, and Sustanon test blend.

He would run the Testosterone 100-150mgs per week, Anavar 25-75mgs per day, and the Primo 400-600mgs per week.  This stack would work great and Euro Pharmacies makes it affordable.

Steve then says for those who want to change to bulking for 2024, you can start with the EP Bulk Cycle oral which is 25mgs of Anadrol and 25mgs Dbol.  This can be run for 5-6 weeks and be a fast bulking cycle or you can stack it.   You can also buy EP Dbol for cheaper than it costs to get your car washed, and you can stack it with Testosterone or you can use the EP Deca or EP NPP which are both excellent nandrolone options.  Steve says what's cool about the Deca option is it comes with 250mgs/ml which cuts down on injections and saves you money too.

Mobster says you need to check out the EP blends they have put together for you.  They have several options including a Blend 350, 400, and 450. They also have a cutting mix and a rapid cut 350.  They also have different Sustanon mixes up to 500mgs/ml!

The rapid cut for example contains 4 compounds all in 1.  It has Tren Ace 75mgs, Mast Prop 75mgs, Test Prop, and Test Cyp.  It is in your system quickly and then has added test Cyp which is in your system slower.  Steve says you can cut on it, recomp, and even bulk depending on how you react to them.

Mobster's favorite is the blend450 which is great for bulking and strength, it is a mix of Test 250 and Deca 200 so it works great if you are looking for size and power.

Steve talks about doing something new in 2024, especially for those of you who are getting older and want something to boost recovery and anti-aging.  The EP Eurotropin HGH kit is affordable, no matter what your budget is, and it can be run solo or used as part of a steroid stack. You don't need to use much to get simple benefits. Steve recommends 1-2iu's per day, and trying it for 3-4 months, and seeing what kind of changes you notice.  Mobster also says that EP has Sarms, or sarms-like products, and one he has been using to help with recovery is Nutrobal MK677.


Final tips and tricks

Mobster leaves you with a final tip.  He says to keep your gym grind on point and it helps to start a log on the forum which will help motivate you.  Always use a high-quality brand like Euro Pharmacies when it comes to using these potent products.


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