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Euro Pharmacies Trenbolone and Anavar stack

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Welcome to another awesome episode of Evolutionaryorg Hardcore 2.0. In episode #17, Steve and Mobster get into how to successfully stack Euro Pharmacies Trenbolone and Anavar together.  If this cycle is done correctly it can add quality muscle mass, get rid of body fat, and make you stronger all at the same time. This is why it is Steve's favorite stack.

Why Euro pharmacies

Steve starts this segment by talking about how many times he has run poor-quality Anavar in his life and how frustrating it was.  Back when he started using steroids it wasn't as easy to find the real stuff.  This is why he loves Euro Pharmacies because their products are tested and legitimate, so you know when you buy Anavar you are getting actual Anavar.

Mobster says Euro Pharmacies has certificates of analysis, great user reviews, and makes their products in actual labs.  The main difference between what they do and most steroid brands out there is EP is made by professionals in controlled environments.  Other steroid manufacturers make their gear in some shack or trailer in the middle of nowhere alongside recreational drugs, by some criminal who has no education in this field.

The idea is you want to get high-quality and professional anabolic steroids and that is what the EP brand provides.

The advantage of stacking 2 steroids vs. 1 steroid or multiple steroids and why this stack

Steve starts the segment by saying you can get great results on just Anavar or just Tren solo, but when you stack both together you get synergy.  The reason is they have a lot of opposite qualities that when you put them together you get a nice effect of yin and yang.  He likens it to mixing lemon and water, to make lemonade.

On the flip side people who run multiple steroids are being lazy in most cases and Steve calls this logic 'dartboard steroid use' where you are just blindly adding things to a cycle with no plan or logic to it hoping to get lucky.  By controlling things using just 2 steroids at a time, that stack well, then you can better manage things.

The guys then discuss why it's advantageous to not use Testosterone as a base here. Some of the reasons include keeping side effects minimal and not complicating the cycle.  Remember testosterone increases estrogenic and androgenic activity in the body, so if you want to keep the cycle simple it can be beneficial to keep away from it here.

Dosing this stack

Steve starts by saying that in his experience 50mgs up or down with Trenbolone makes a huge difference, so it's important to start a little on the conservative side and work your way up as you learn your body.  All things being equal, Steve says you don't need to run much Tren to get results.  He likes 200-400mgs, with 250-300mgs being the sweet spot.   Again, Steve says control is very important because if you start with too high a dosage the side effects will get worse as you keep using it.  When it comes to how long to use it, Steve says to stay flexible and be ready to stop your cycle early if the side effects are too bad.  So he says to plan on 5-6 weeks and then take it week to week from there.

When it comes to Anavar, Mobster considers it his favorite oral steroid of all. He likes running it 40-50mgs a day.  The big debate is how many times a day to use it.  He likes to do one dose in the morning and one in the afternoon to help keep his blood levels stable.  However, as Steve points out it has a long enough half-life where you can use it once a day and still be in good shape.

What EP has to offer in terms of type

Although Euro Pharmacies has blends and mixes that contain both Anavar and Trenbolone, the guys say they are only going to focus on the options where the steroid is 100% of the vial or pill.

When it comes to Anavar Euro Pharmacies has 2 options:

EP Oxandrolex 10, which is 10mgs of Anavar per pill and comes in a packet of 100.

EP Oxandrolex 25, which is 25mgs of Anavar per pill and comes in a packet of 50.

Both are great options depending on what you like.

Mobster prefers to use the 25mgs and dose 1 pill in the Am and 1 in the PM to make 50mgs total. Steve says if you wanted to run 30mgs only, you could get the 10mgs option and dose it 3x per day 10mgs, or just do all 30mgs at one time.

There are 3 Trenbolone options from Euro Pharmacies:

The most popular is EP Tren Acetate 100, which is 100mgs/ml 10ML vials.  This is good for those who don't mind pinning 3-7x per week since it is a short ester. The advantage is that it is in your system quicker and out of your system fast too.

The 2nd is EP Tren Enanthate 200, which is 200mgs/ml 10ML vials.  Steve likes this option cause he hates injecting and since each CC is 200mgs, that makes it easier to pin less often.

Then there is Tri-Tren, which is a mix of Tren Ace, Tren E, and Tren Hex. Steve says if you cannot decide between Tren Ace or Tren E, or if you want to try something a little different this would be a good one to experiment with.

Overall, Steve says Tren is potent all around and you will get great results on any of them with the Anavar.

Tips on cardio, diet, training

The guys finish the podcast by giving some final tips.

Steve says always keep activated charcoal on hand in case you get stomach issues while on this cycle and make sure you eat clean so you don't interfere with anything.

When it comes to cardio, Steve says to keep it short because it will be hard to do much on this stack. Also, you should spread carbs out during the day on this stack because Tren is such a potent nutrient partitioner.

Mobsters advice is to drink a lot of fluids and keep your home cold while using Tren, especially at night when sweating becomes a problem.


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