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Evolutionary Podcast #299 – [Q&A] Put your Divorce on Steroids

Evolutionary Podcast #299 - [Q&A] Put your Divorce on Steroids

Evolutionary radio presents the Evolutionary.org podcast with your host Steve Smi and his co-host Rick. This is the only podcast that dives into the toughest steroid, supplement and diet questions. Unfiltered, raw and original. We don't allow cookie cutter information here. This time we nail 5 topics:
1. What are your guys favorite steroids and why?
2. using test cyp for my cycle, worried about a crash. any tips?
3. pins and needles that come and go on cycle.
4. what are your thoughts on smoothie/juicing?
5. Wife served me divorce papers out of the blue, her lawyer says i have to hire my own laywer asap or she gets everything. advice?

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