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Fake Pharmacom Labs vs. Real Pharmacom Labs Exposed



Welcome to another episode of the Evolutionary.org Emergency podcast, Episode #8.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster get into the important topic of fake Pharmacom Labs vs. the real Pharma labs and expose the truth.  There is a new epidemic right now with Pharmacom products being faked and we have confirmed the websites below.

-FAKE website: https://pharmacomlabs.ltd

-REAL website: https://pharmacomlabs.com

Fake gear is very bad, it can make the user sick putting you in the emergency room, and the best case scenario is you waste your entire cycle for nothing.

Steve says there is a lot of confusion right now on the forums when it comes to real vs. Fake Pharmacom, so the guys will spend this podcast protecting the members from being ripped off.

Understanding domains

Mobster starts this segment by saying that greed leads to people cheating others and selling fake gear.  Scammers around the world fake all kinds of items, from chips for computers, medications, clothing, watches, and purses, to anabolic steroids.  In this case, we are talking about putting a product in our body that could be anything.

Mobster says the .ltd in the fake Pharmacomlabs website means 'limited' and the domain is likely somewhere in the UK, Ireland, or Canada.  The .com Pharmacom Labs website which is real is the correct website.  The problem becomes that there are thousands of different domain options and it isn't realistic for a company to buy them all.  Hence, you end up with scammers who use mimicking websites with different domains where they trick people into going there to buy fake steroids and rip people off.


Name-brand steroid scams

Steve tells a story of how he once purchased some expensive Bayer Primobolan back in the late 2000s. 10-15 years before that Bayer was the best pharmacy-grade gear you could get your hands on if you wanted an expensive steroid like Primobolan, and the old-school guys were happy to spend big bucks on it due to the quality.

In Steve's case the Primo he purchased, even though it still said Bayer on the label, was completely fake because it became very easy for a scammer to print out professional-looking labels and slap them on fake steroids to sell them to people for a high price.  He spent over $1000 on fake primo and wasted 12 weeks on the cycle for nothing.  Over the next few years, people finally realized they couldn't trust any Bayer Primo and the product lost its demand due to no fault of the actual brand, but because of scammers faking a once wonderful product.

This is what is currently happening to Pharmacom but the difference is we are going to get ahead of it to prevent a great brand from being tarnished!

How to know you are getting legit Pharmacom gear

Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy to know if you are getting legit Pharmacom gear but there are some ways depending on what you are running. One of the simplest ways to test a brand of gear is to take testosterone for 4-5 weeks and then go get your total testosterone checked.  For every 100mgs of testosterone per week you are running, Steve suggests you multiply that by about 7 to get a conversion to ng/dl.  In other words, if you run 100mgs per week your blood work should be around 700ng/dl, if you run 500mgs a week it should be around 3500ng/dl, and so on.

With other anabolic steroids, it is much more difficult to get a good read on how good your gear is and sources know this.  Steve cautions that steroid testing kits that he sees being sold online by shady individuals have been proven to be inaccurate due to human error and also they are inaccurate in their own right. The bottom line is you need to come to our forums and find out an updated list of which websites are selling the real Pharmacom Labs.

So far, we have confirmed that domestic-supply.com is selling the real Pharmacom but basicstero.ws and basicstero.com are not.


Lack of sterility of fake gear

Mobster tells a story of how many times he has ordered gear from different places over the years and found different objects in the gear.  Everything from insects to hair, to dirt, to other floaters in his gear.

He also tells a story of a documentary he saw that was based in the UK, where they went to a place that makes anabolic steroids underground in a basement.  There was no sterility at all when they were using a dirty microwave and a used jar to make these products. No masks, no goggles, no proper attire to make hormones/drugs at all, the guys didn't even wash their hands or wear lab coats.  It was a complete joke to them.

Steve says it reminds him of a restaurant kitchen where the cooks just don't care. They aren't wearing gloves, covering their mouth, or using clean pots/pans to cook the food. Roaches and rats are crawling everywhere and the place hasn't been cleaned in years.   It is the same thing as these fake steroid dealers who are making dangerous gear and that will make your body very sick when you inject them.

Mobster finishes this segment by talking about abscesses which can become very serious and require antibiotics and even surgery to remove.  These abscesses happen because people are injecting fake and dirty steroids and he knows friends who have ended up spending days in the emergency rooms.


Final thoughts

Steve says as long as humans have been around there have always been scammers who would rather put in a lot of effort to rip others off than put in the time to produce quality products.  It is a lack of ethics on their part and a lack of empathy for those they are screwing over.   He also says Pharmacom needs to do a better job of protecting its brand by having reps on forums to lead people in the right direction and hopefully this podcast can help steer everyone in the right direction.   It is a shame because Pharmacom is such a great brand and if you get the real products you will have sensational results.


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