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Fall Bulking Cycles with Euro Pharmacies


Steve and the Mobster are back in a new episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. This time in episode #4, they discuss how to bulk for the fall season with the help of Euro Pharmacies anabolic steroid products. This is the episode to listen to before you start planning your off-season bulk programs.

What is fall bulking?

Mobster points out that the reason fall bulking is popular is that most bodybuilding competitions occur during the summer, so it is only natural that bodybuilders would want to save bulking for afterwards since they want to look lean for the summer.

The next point Mobster makes is that during the colder months your body naturally wants you to have more fat on your frame. It is a fact that the extra layer of fat will help your body stay warmer, help keep you alive, etc. Hence why bears will hibernate at their fattest during the winter. Long story short, it is easier to cut during the warmer months and bulk during the cooler months. Plus you want to save your leanest and meanest for the time of the year you aren't wearing coats and sweaters.


The #1 popular oral steroid for bulking is Dianabol and it happens to be Mobster's favorite of all because it works. Euro Pharmacies sells a very good Dianabol which is extremely cheap for a cycle and they sell them in 10mg and 25mg tablets.

Mobster says when he uses it he usually gains a quick 6-8 pounds in a short time. Steve says Dbol was the first steroid he ever used and he rapidly increased mass and strength. He points out that one of the reasons it's a good bulker is it rapidly aromatizes into estrogen in the body, so expect a fast mass increase although much of that is going to be water weight. To avoid excess water weight he recommends using an AI.

Steve says the trick with dbol is the boost in appetite and mood the user will experience. This is thanks to the combo of estrogenic and androgenic activity from the steroid. Steve recommends a twice-a-day dosage due to the short half-life and the guys agree that a dose can range from 20-60mgs per day.


Anadrol is also an oral anabolic steroid and it is also extremely cheap to acquire. Euro Pharmacies sells 50mg per tablet and that is the classic daily dosage of the steroid that so many have done well on. Steve says Anadrol is a great one for those who are looking to bulk and get stronger in a short period, 4-6 weeks only at 50mgs a day, and get some amazing results.

Steve says Anadrol is misunderstood so it's important to understand what this compound is all about. Although it does bind to estrogen receptors, it cannot aromatize into estrogen since it's a DHT derivative. This means that you could still get estrogenic side effects like gyno, water retention, high blood pressure, etc. This also means that an AI does you no good here since the estrogenic sides are not caused by aromatization, but caused by estrogen binding. So Steve cautions be careful if you are prone to side effects!

Nandrolone, Deca Durabolin/NPP

Nandrolone is another great bulking steroid and Euro Pharmacies sells 2 great options when it comes to ester options. The first being the longer ester Deca Durabolin, and the second being the shorter ester Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate NPP.

Steve says that Nandrolone is a Testosterone derivative that has been altered to produce less androgenic and less estrogenic side effects. Due to this structural change, some guys complain about 'deca dick', which Steve says has been overblown by forum parroters, and this can be solved by stacking a DHT derivative with it.

The bottom line is Nandrolone has low side effects, will enhance your appetite/mood, and will help you bulk. The guys recommend an average dose of 300-400mgs per week.


Euro Pharmacies has many different testosterone ester options to choose from. From short esters to long esters, to blends, they have you covered. The most popular Testosterone ester options are cypionate and enanthate, and those who want to run a shorter ester will usually pick propionate.

The guys recommend a moderate dosage of 400-500mgs per week, however, when stacked you can run it anywhere from 100mgs up to 1000mgs per week. It is important to use an AI when you dose it higher since it does aromatize into estrogen.

Overall Testosterone is great for appetite, mood, and libido. It is also a solid choice for those looking to bulk either solo or stacked.


Steve starts the segment off by attacking the thought that Trenbolone isn't a good bulker. Although it is used by almost all physique competitions at the pro level, that doesn't mean you still cannot bulk on it. He explains the reason Tren is so good for bulking is that it is a potent anabolic steroid that will raise insulin resistance in the muscles and body, forcing the body to need carbs and lots of protein throughout the day, otherwise the user will get a lot of side effects.

Euro Pharmacies sells 3 types of Tren. Trenbolone acetate (short ester), Trenbolone Enanthate (long ester), and Tren mix which is a blend of esters.

The guys recommend using 200-350mgs per week, however, some guys will go higher who are experienced.

Mobster warns about the crazy side effects of using Trenbolone which include aggression, anger, night sweats, insomnia, severe heart strain, severe kidney strain, etc. Steve says you should wait until you have done at least 5 cycles before trying it.

Final tips

The guys both agree that when it comes to bulking it's important not to overdo things by eating dirty. You should stick to nutritious muscle-building foods that are natural and avoid processed junk and fast food.

When it comes to training they both like focusing on compound lifts while using correct form. Steve says you can pick out 8 big compound lifts and just train those 3x per week with a miscellaneous day being your 4th workout. Also, don't listen to the fools who say cardio will hurt your gains. Cardio is essential to keeping a healthy heart and body so keep doing it.


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