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First cycle with orals

steroid cycles modelingStats: 27 years old, 174 lbs., around 14% bodyfat, close to 10 years lifting history

You have a good lifting history, with close to 10 years of experience, which gives you more flexibility when running a cycle, but I wonder why you chose to run an oral only cycle? It would be smarter in your first cycle to run a good testosterone cycle to get the maximum out of your receptors.  However, since your request is for an oral cycle, here is a good oral steroid cycle for you with a Ostarine (MK-2866) PCT.

Week Dianabol Winstrol Aromasin Clomid HCGenerate Ostarine N2Guard
1 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED 2 caps AM/2 post workout/3 PM
2 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED “same”
3 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED “same”
4 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED “same”
5 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED 2 caps AM/1 post workout/1 PM “same”
6 40mgs/ED 30mgs/ED 12.5mgs/ED “same” “same”
7 12.5mgs/ED 50mgs/ED “same” 25
8 12.5mgs/EOD 50mgs/ED “same” 25
9 25mgs/ED 25
10 25mgs/ED 25

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Albert Wolfgang
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  1. Is it really necessary running Dbol and Winstrol together? What is the reason for using a bulking compound in conjunction with a cutting compound? I’d imagine this would be very rough on the liver and blood pressure.

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