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Thread: 26yrl looking to cut with sarms need cycle plan

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    26yrl looking to cut with sarms need cycle plan

    Hello EVo bros,

    I am 26 years old now and weight around 220 at the moment 5ft 8in tall strong build however, once I got out of the service I dropped off the band wagon and stopped working out for awhile. When I was still in the Army I took a cycle of sustanon 250 (ran a E block called DIM by Olympian labs)

    Right after I got out I ran a cycle of tes, dbol, and tren PCT with nova and clomid however I feel like I did not do everything the right way still either way.

    I am workout 4-6 days a week for at least an hr 15 to 30mins every other day of some cardio stuff however since taking those products I haven't lost weight like I once did. Will MK 2866 help me cut an if so what to you recommend for the plan itself?

    I want to get back down to 190-205 one day while retaining my muscle mass. What amount of carbs, fats, and protien grams would set me on the right path as well?

    I know I need to increase my cardio time as well to at least 20 mins a day everyday

    Thank you for your advice bros.

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    I'm actually about to start my first cycle of mk2866 as well. Of the different sarms I researched mk2866 stacked with gw and s4 seems like a great place to start. A handful of the other bros have also acknowledged this. If you go to and look at "The Triple Stack" that's pretty much what you're looking for.

    If you do some basic searches online you can find the correct dosage. The standard mini-pct is also required.

    Here's also some helpful links on the triple stack:
    GW-50 :

    I'd be interested in seeing your progress!

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    The best SARM for fat loss is cardarine. Cardarine is a PPAR regulator that will directly increase fat loss, endurance and recovery. It is very commonly stacked with ostarine and S4 to make the SARMS triple stack. The SARMS triple stack would be perfect for your goals. It will directly increase fat loss, endurance, recovery and lean muscle with very minimal side effects.

    Run the triple stack as laid out here:

    After the triple stack, run a mini PCT. 4 weeks of the following:
    clomid at 25mg/day
    nolvadex at 20mg/day
    HCGenerate ES at 5 capsules/day
    n2guard at 3 capsules/day

    SARMS are minimally suppressive, there is no risk of aromatization (therefore no estrogen related side effects) and legal to use. You can get everything you need off, and

    As for diet, your best option to loose body fat while keeping all your muscle (or even gaining muscle) is going to be carb cycling. You get the best of everything that way. The low carb days are fat loss focused and the high carb days are very anabolic. Here is an article I wrote on how to set up a carb cycling diet for fat loss with a full sample meal plan:

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    GW or SR9009 should be included in any cutting sarm's stack

    as should daily cardio and getting into a 300-500 caloric deficit everyday.

    that is going to be your keys <n2bm discount eBay store! deals on N2generate and N2guard and more!!!

    Masters degree in science-human nutrition
    Now taking clients for 1 on 1 consults <save 10% on bloodwork <Ebooks 4sale

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    For fat loss, Cardarine GW and Nutrobal would be a better choice than Ostarine, so I would rather recommend you a SARMS triple stack for an overall recomping. Cardarine would burn fat while maintaining your lean mass. Additionally, it will boost your endurance and recovery, which will allow you to do more cardio. Ostarine will be great for joints and bones, as well as for recovery and lean mass gains. Finally, Andarine S4 will give you a very good boost in strength without adding to your mass. This will allow you to train more effectively, and hence gain more muscle mass.
    Lev Butlerov - Staff Author
    Lev Butlerov holds a Masters Degree in Biology, he is NASM Certified, ISSA Certified, The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) certified and is currently working on his American Council on Exercise (ACE) certificate.

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    It sounds to me like it will come down to adjusting your diet for the desired fat loss. Start tracking what you eat and get yourself to a 500 calorie deficit. You can use a TDEE calculator to find out how many calories you burn in a day. Get that figured out first as it will the most important part of your progress. I would add in GW or SR-9009 as they are fantastic for fat loss.
    ***Canadians, hit me up on Wickr Mobile (MasonicBB) or PM if you are interested in SYN Pharma products***

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