I've had many order with Psl now this making my 3rd and I can honestly say nothing but great things about them they are on top of everything this last order was there newest product test e 250mg with Tran e 150mg with a few extras shout out to vision on that.

I'll keep everyone updated from start to finish from order time to recieving there may be daily gaps if I'm not able to write but I will say this I've had blood work done 6 times using psl and it comes back great everytime. Even though blood work costs it's worth it. Not only does it prove the quality of the product it proves the all around quality of your health and thats not somthing to fuck with so guys who are new if u have insurance or if u don't trust me it's still worth it.

I placed my order a few days ago and recieved an update yesterday can't wait to see the shipped status pull up hell when I receive what I order it's like I'm 12 years old again Christmas morning. I'll add pics of my order like I do everytime along with blood work results but I'll still keep ya updated my last cycle was test e only 250mg 2x weekly I gained hardly any water weight but a ton of muscle from eating right and working out daily in less than 8 weeks reps went up I could easily do 80lb curls 15x3 like it was nothing when I started out I was at 50lb 10x3 so this stuff works and my leg press honestly went up from 450lbs to 720lb 3x15 no problem at all I and its went up in the weeks that followed. I love how I can see the difference in the weekly pics I take its amazing and I'm damn sure psl for life they have amazing products and killer customer service but I'll let everyone know details about received it hopfully asap but if your concerned or have questions ask me or the guys on here there helpful and have helped myself tremendously. Honestly Steve and Vision know there shit along with many others on Evo. I'll be sure and keep you posted once I recieve an update. I'll be sure and update my cycle info closer to start time as well then blood work a few months in. But for now still waiting on product hopfully comes in next week at the latest. I'll def. keep updates through the process.