How safe is it to run Arimastane for extended periods of time? Many cycle support and PCT supplements contain relatively high doses of Arimastane (50mg - 75mg range, if not higher). Assuming a 8-12 week cycle and 4-5 week PCT, this would amount to running Arimastane for 12-17 weeks consecutively. How safe is this?

Now there are some ways to get around any issues, including EOD dosing, however if my cycle support and pct supps contain arimastane, along with all other ingredients for organ protection. EOD dosing may leave me vulnerable hepatic toxicity, among other things. So I'd prefer to dose every day if there are no issues with such prolonged use of Arimastane.

Specifically, I would like to know if there is any risk in using a suicide AI for this long. I know the body can produce more aromatase enzymes if needed, but are there any long-term effects on estrogenic hormone levels, i.e. crashing for extended periods of time and not being able to recover quickly?