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Thread: clen for weight loss question

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    clen for weight loss question

    what's up guys I did a cycle of ephedra for 6 weeks with no results, I might lost 2 pounds and my diet was good and training ( cardio) was three times a week, I have seen clenbuterol descriptions on some webs that sell steroids about it being the best for fat lost on man, I'm willing to give it a try but some people I have known at the gym who used clen before told me once you finish your cycle and discontinue taking it the weight you lost comes right back and may be more , what are you thoughts on this guys, thank you.

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    I personally am not a big fan of clenbuterol.
    Clenbuterol is very over rated. Here's why -
    Clen simply raises metabolism. It does not differentiate between muscle or fat. Clen might raise your metabolism an additional 100-200 calories per day. You could just easily do an extra 15 minutes of cardio. I have used clen in the past and I always felt it did more harm then good. It caused muscle cramps when I was training and it really negatively impacted my sleep.

    There are better alternatives that directly increase fat loss, with no risk of loosing muscle mass and no side effects like insomnia or muscle cramps. Cardarine gw is going to be your best option. It directly increases fat loss, endurance and recovery. It is not a stimulant or a hormone and is pretty much void of side effects.

    I haven't used clen myself in years and don't recommend it to my clients at all anymore. If they are trying to burn fat, I recommend cardarine and maybe a good nutrient partitioning supplement like n2slin from

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    I would almost consider clen as poison. The reason is that because it damages your heart, raises blood pressure, you get tons of cramps, shaky hands and headaches. Also clen is proven to have long term damage to your heart which is not really what you want to put in your body.

    The effects of clen are pretty mild and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who wants to get cut. Id rather go a bit stricter on diet and cardio regimen.
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    it is true that you will gain everything back with any quick weight loss fix

    if you truly want long term weight loss you have to make a lifestyle change

    if you are in weight loss mode you need to aim to be in a caloric deficit consistently daily. this means diet and exercise has to be on point first. you can use n2slin and GW from sarms1 to reinforce these two things
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    I think there is something a little off with your diet. Even if you weren't using the ephedra, if you were eating clean and training/cardio consistently you would have had good results in 6 weeks.

    I bet you are eating clean but just too many calories still. I would re-evaluate that part first.

    As for the clen, I am not a fan because the side effects are terrible at the dose required to produce results.

    I would much rather see you try Cardarine, SR-9009, and N2Slin. They are all non-hormonal and non-stim so you wont have any side effects. You will also have amazing endurance for your cardio and training.
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