Iíve been trying to do some research on this. Iím on Week 8 of 12 of a cut on test and NPP (NPP introduced at week 4). I know NPP isnít popular for cutting, but the results are very fitting for my goals. Very happy so far; truly amazing compound.

Minimize lipogenesis and retain as much LBM as possible as I back out of the diet; and to be at a maintenance diet at the most appropriate time while concluding a cycle.

Is it best to reverse / start ramping calories back up while still on cycle, or wait to do that in PCT? I have 4 weeks left. Shall I start to slowly eat more now, or keep dieting hard until PCT, then introduce the reverse diet?


I will run the Perfect PCT, all of it is ready to go as prescribed by this forum.

Since during PCT it is often fraught with a serious unwanted catabolism and lipogenesis period (hence the perfect PCT to mitigate these factors), diet would seem to be a huge part in mitigating as well and is cause for concern as to how to best approach my diet while exiting this cycle that has yielded amazing results.

You all are the pros here... whatís the right answer?