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Thread: Diet advice for fast metabolism

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    Diet advice for fast metabolism

    You have a great diet, but since you have a fast metabolic rate, I've made a few changes to it:

    Meal 1:
    1 cup oatmeal
    4 whole eggs
    6 egg whites
    multi vit, Vic C and zinc picolinate

    Meal 2:
    50grams caseinate protein shake
    25 grams of whey
    1 wholemeal bagel peanut butter

    Meal 3:
    10oz. steak
    8 oz. yam
    2 tbsp. of olive oil with green salad

    Meal 4: Mass gainer shake - 50gm protein, 600 calories
    +add 50 grams of whey + 25 grams of egg protein

    Meal 5: Turkey or Chicken fillet with rice or with pineapple chunks, almonds
    +stick to brown rice and make sure your meat portion over 12oz.

    Meal 6: PWO shake w/fast carbs - 50gm protein 400 cals

    Meal 7:
    +your post workout meal should look like meal 3

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    Good meal plan. Moral of the story is that people have different metabolic rates, and require different levels of intake to achieve a specific goal. If you want to gain weight, you have to eat enough to gain and if you want to lose you have to eat at a defecit enough to lose. These numbers can very greatly from person to person, so its important to expire meant and find out your ranges and what your true maintenance number is.

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