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Yep u are right, I feel much better after stopping Letro, now I have also stop with nolva too for 5 days.

Too depress,I feel a little better, lumps is gone and the pain under armpit is gone.

The niples still a little hard and sensitiv, and sometimes very sore, I hope I will get better over time.

My bloodtest after stopping all pills for 3 days, Testeron is gone up from 4 to 20 normal is 8.6 to 29.
Prolactin is 20 a little low, normal is 86 to 325, before is was 374.
T 4 is 17.6 normal
I dont know why my doktor did not test my estrogen, so I dont know the number now, before 0.10 and normal is 0.09 to 0.22.

So I think and hope that the sensitiv and sore is because My Hormon its getting back to normal and that why is still like this.

Thanks for the advise
Sounds like you are on the right track and heading the right direction. Stay on course and things should get even better over time