NO REPLIES PLEASE: I WILL START another thread for questions, comments etc on this LOG. So as to keep this for info/reference.

12 Week cycle at this stage, if product is dosed correctly and legit I will start on:

5mg per day, if I start to get the arm pumps by Thursday, I know its somewhat legit and i'll bump the following week up to 10mg per day for say 3 weeks and see how I go. If all is good, I'll bump it up to 15mg, but I dare say I will not need anymore than that. This is purely based on my experience from the only time previously that I had legit VAR (1 out of 5). I had massive forearm pumps within 4 days and strength within 2 weeks, fat loss started at around 4 weeks and growth/hardening at 8 weeks.

Current Stats
Country: Australia (Victoria)
45 Year Old Female, 5'7", current weight 90kg (188lbs)
Mother of 4 children, youngest is 5 years of age.
I started at the gym 2 years ago wanting to lose body fat and tone.

Starting: 05 October 2015, I will update daily with workout (exercises and Reps) and Calorie intake.