Hi this is my family firat post and i am 23 yo 5’11 165 pounds and i am a boxer. I fight at 154 and i am running my first cycle to help with strength, endurance and recovery, the doses i came up with will be alot lower than you are used to seeing because 1) i am not trying to gain any weight (no more that 8 pounds) and 2) this is my first cycle.
I am thinking of keeping it basic and running:
Testosterone E or C at 250mg a week
Equipoise for 300mg a week
Hcg at 300iu a week?
Arimidex ( need dosage help)
I have heard mixed results about the equipoise but it is said to help increase RBC thus improved endurance. I was going to do orals like anavar or winny but heard bad things about pumps and loss of flexibility. (Because the muscles harden)
How does this cycle look? Do you have any suggestions? In terms of something that improves strength but little to no size! Or negatice affects on endurance
I also need help with pct! I am completely lost in that area! Should i continue running Arimidex? Or replace it with clomid and Nolvadex? Thank you for your time reading this and to clarify i do not get tested and most the guys i will be fighting are also juicing. I also train the hardes i can at six times a week and 11 session a week total.