my 3rd anavar only cycle. A lotta people will hate but i believe in the power of real var and dont need anything stronger since im not competing.

4 packs of GP oxan 10mg (50 tabs in each pack)
Started with 40mg (4 tabs x10mg each) ED, played around with the dose went up to 80mg one day but eventually went down to 30mg ED after about 3 weeks as i realized i wanted to make the cycle longer rather than higher dose.

Keep in mind GP oxan is legit mg for mg anavar, unlike many other labs that underdose their shit like 50%. This is coming from experience with other anavar from other labs, as well as 3rd party lab tests i looked at.

All in all it was a kickass cycle recomposed my whole body. Went on for 54 days (little over 7 weeks). Training 6 days a week eating about 3000 cals a day (some cheat days tho).

Beginning of cycle; 188lbs at 13.5%bf
End of cycle; 191lbs at 9.6% bf

So about 10lbs of lean tissue added while losing about 7lbs of body fat in 54 days.