This is my first sarms cycle and I was really excited for it but I've had a few draw backs and questions.

I started out on lgd-4033 at 10mg but then lowered it to 5mg because my sex drive tanked and put me in a bad mood overall. The lowered dosage put my mood back to normal and my sex drive was slightly there. Enough to turn my head to check out chicks but not enough to put me in the mood for sex with my girlfriend who usually gets me ready to go on sight.

I added in GW-501516 in my second week expected my energy levels to skyrocket but they did the exact opposite. Overwhelming lethargy came over me. I was extremely tired all the time and completely out of energy. I lowered the dose to 10mg from 20mg but now have stopped all together in the past 48 hours and guess what! I feel fine again. But i plan to start again tomorrow at 10mg as a test to see if lethargy kicks in again, a test for research.

So I have a question for each of the negative effects from each compound:

1) Why would LGD destroy my sex life? I understand its slightly suppressive but does suppression mean I have no desire for sex? (also began taking hcgenerate for last 2 weeks, sadly no luck)

2) Why would GW give me the opposite effects, Lethargy, tired, wanting to sleep by noon? My calories are pretty high so that shouldn't be the problem

Also so far I've gained an average of a pound per week so the lgd is presenting some decent gains!
I really would appreciate any advice or help! I really want to take advantage of the benefits of sarms!