So I learned something this week. I mean I've been doing this shit a LONG ass time. Like 40 years lifting stuff come August. And I've got letters, books and magazines older than I am with some of the rumors of what people did or others thought they did. I've watched some of the videos we all have. So when I saw the so-called 'death cycle', heard what killed Dallas McCarver, watched Bostin Loyd and Rich Piana I though I knew what crazy cycles were.

I know nothing. And, if you've not seen the article (complete with references to the quotes it used) I read this week, nor do you.

Some of you might remember the old photos of the gang standing outside Gold's Gym from around 1980-1990. One of the owners was a dude called Pete Grymkowski. Broad shouldered, thick looking with a proper set of dude sunglasses and a big ass eating grin on his face. His story, outside of AAS was hardcore. Guns, crack dens and the MILLIONS he made selling (which he regrets) the Gold Gym chain. That alone is worth a read.

But his use (or abuse) was OFF THE PEG. I'll quote a couple of bits which you can search for to read the rest... hold on tight.

He decides he wants to go on and his uncle sent him 'Here is what he sent me: 12 big boxes, each filled with 120 bottles of Anavar tablets, 100 pills per bottle. So we are talking about 1,500 bottles of Anavar courtesy of the United States Postal Service. I’d simply take a handful of tablets before each meal, and it was go time” (Dusa).

Another quote: 'he fessed up to using two grams of orals and injectables daily'. Yes you read that right - every fkin day! He even got tested by a study on the mega dosing.

One more... holy cow... 'I decided to start taking nine shots per day along with five bottles of orals per day. This was a total of 10,000 miligrams per day'

Search for the quotes and you'll find the article. Blew my mind. This was 1980 remember.