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    How I organize my workouts into long working hours.
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    The true value is being honest with yourself, especially when it is difficult, but there is always a new plan, a new world where there is always success if you want it. You must decide between fight or flight. You think life is so much easier if you are asleep.
    But the reality is that we are afraid to try out of fear of failure, which is why we often make excuses and excuses for what we really want.
    And well for today I want to tell you how I organize my fitness life during long working hours and how you can also implement these strategies to organize yourself and not lose the path of a healthy life, but first I want to tell you a specific reason why we should never leave our dreams behind regardless of what we are going through.
    A person who values and loves himself, will never stop caring for and exercising his body, feeding it, and consequently improving his physical appearance. I think one of my reasons to stay ALIVE is to train and live in good condition with my body. Because there are four magical places where for me the world stops hurting or affecting me and they are in the shower, in my bed, being with my family and the most important of all in the gym.
    So there is nothing like starting the day activated and very productive, and although this year has not been easy for anyone and above all it has been very exhausting, because many people have failed emotionally and have taken refuge in bad food and worse still do a Stop in your workouts, but if what you want is quality of life, this is not the solution because there is always and there will always be time for everything, it all depends on how you decide to invest your time and how to create a 100% proactive space.

    What I do at the end of my Sunday is create a list of how I am going to train and eat during the week, I create in my training and feeding table, a specific guide that I made to be able to control all my time and be able to give my time something valuable, in addition to being able to satisfy the needs that I require to fulfill my objectives.
    Here I show you the form that I made for this purpose, and perhaps this template can serve you as well.

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    Thus, I organize this worksheet specifying the day and type of muscle to work per week, how many series and how many exercises, as well as the rest time and the cardio and rest days of the week. Following this, he also planned my weekly menu, how many meals, what kind of food, the schedule for each intake and the days of fasting and the days not.

    I tell you all this because nothing is impossible and more when it comes to ourselves, our goals and purposes to achieve. But it is reasonable because most people do not know how long they need to achieve an effective training and assume believing that they require hours in the gym to be FIT, and in the end they choose to do nothing, I was one of them and I thought that if I did not do my workouts in the gym I could not achieve my goals and burn fat.

    But in the course of my career and learning about this healthy life, I have chosen to be recursive and train wherever I want, I even have my own traveling gym kit, I carry a jump rope, elastic bands, a wheel to do sit-ups and that's it. I'm more prepared than a sheet that runs in flip-flops hahaha.

    That's why I tell you that if you want you can. I get up every day from Monday to Friday at 3:30 a.m. to take out my gym suit, a bottle of water and be touching the weights at 4:00 a.m., however on Saturdays and Sundays I get up at 4: 20:00 am to be running at 5:00 am through the streets of Bogotá Colombia, so if one day they come to visit Colombia, then bring your best tennis kit because there are incredible courts to do a running tour.

    To focus more, you decide what time you can train, if at night when you leave work or get up early and train delicious and with more time, I feel that at night one leaves the office very tired and there is not enough strength to give the I train as it should be done.
    So now to finalize parameters to keep in mind and be able to be effective with our training.

    - Up early
    - If you train at home, apply high intensity and efficient exercises
    - Carry a traveling gym kit in case you have to travel and cannot find a gym.
    - Plan your routine so that you can train at least 3 times a week, 40 minutes maximum

    I hope this time you can organize yourself better with your routine and that my guide will be of great help.

    I share one of my favorite recipes, it works for any food you want.

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    Instagram Fitness Model

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    great log keep it up!
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    great write up!

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    nice log update i agree
    Masters degrees in science-human nutrition/psychology
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