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Thread: How to use bitcoins to order steroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by fincher david View Post
    Want To Buy Steroids Online With Bitcoin? You Have To Search A Specific Store That Provides The Facility To Purchase The Product By Using Bitcoins. If You Donít Have A Registered Wallet, You Can Create It Online By Following Simple Steps. Now, You Have To Trade And Earn Bitcoins Online. In The Due Course Of Time, You Can Set Your Deal Using Bitcoins. Check Out The Website Below To Know More Information cinemahd And To Buy Steroids With Bitcoin At An Affordable Price Through The Online Today.
    admins please delete this - evo members can lose money! it's scam!

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    amazing and helpful post. thanks a million time. we also accept bitcoin and cards here at

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    just want to update this thread with some advice on holding cryptos

    if you hold it in a centralized exchange there is a risk of them freezing your account and you losing all of it. we saw this recently with Celsius Network. basically they had a 'bank run' and they had to freeze withdrawals

    coinbase and binance are 2 of the biggest centralized exchanges and although the chances of them having this sort of thing happen are less than Celsius, it still CAN happen because there is no FDIC or SIPC insurance like you would have putting your assets in a regular bank. there is also the outside chance of a hack into your account. if someone steals your debit card your bank has policies in place to protect your money. but with a centralized crypto exchange they don't protect shit lol. if you get hacked then tough luck

    so use these exchanges to trade and swap, but be careful leaving money in there sitting

    the next option is moving to a hot wallet. with those wallets the only risk is hacks. the chance of this is very slim but it DOES happen especially if a scammer gets a hold of your wallet address and personal info and its worth it to them to hack it. they aren't gonna waste their time if you have $1000 in there but if you have $100K they might

    so the safest way to store cryptos is via a COLD wallet. if you are going to hold large amounts get a ledger where it will be 100% secure and nobody can steal it from you.
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