We have an incredible amount of knowledge on this board. From nutritional information, training programs, cycling advice, supplementation guidance, etc.

What I've come to see however, is in many situations, if there is a member in need of help, many of the answers are readily available from us, but they may have asked too late, maybe didn't realize they even had a question, may be in what could have been an easily avoidable situation.

So, trying to be proactive, rather then reactive, I wanted to start a thread on our lessons learned, from any of these aspects. This could be a quick reference, and help others maybe learn more tricks of the trade, without finding out the hard way on there own...

So let's see it... What's some of your best lessons learned!?

I'll start..

1. If you decide to begin a cycle, make absolutely sure, you have every single item you will, or might possibly need, in your possession, before you consider starting. Including, the product you desire to use (full quantity) full support (N2Guard, etc) adequate ancillaries (AI, caber, etc) and full PCT. (follow the perfect pct program)

What's the evo communities lessons learned? maybe we can help others..