So my next blast was supposed to be Test and Deca but in order to take full advantage of the Deca on a bulk I want to be around 10% bodyfat. The problem is I am really struggling to break through ~12% "naturally", which for me is TRT dose/levels, without sacrificing too much strength and muscle. This shit is a lot harder in mid 40s than it was in 20s-30s

I was thinking about bumping my Test from TRT (100mg) to 200mg and adding 200mg Tren. I have a few blasts under my belt but this would be my first time using Tren. I know it is no joke so I really want to take the lowest effective dose possible to drop fat a few percent while hopefully seeing some strength increase and muscle hardness.

This is what the blast would look like:

1-12 200mg Test E
1-8 200mg Tren (probably ace)
1-12 50mg Proviron
Caber as needed

I'm hoping at 200mg I won't need Caber but I'll definitely have it on hand. Still undecided on Tren E or A. Again, I'm hoping sides won't be bad but on ace I could bail quickly if needed. Plan is minimum 6 weeks, max 8 depending on how im feeling.

Thoughts or suggestions?