Day 22
Off day
Fell on my hip the day before, bruised the fuck out of it, definately going to fuck up my squat.
was already experiencing hip cramping and then this happened... dammit
eating 3700

Day 23
Volume Lower..
Ended up skipping this one, still cant walk properly, i would rather skip this and recover than to stress the area more.
Eating 3650

Day 24
Volume upper..
once again, i fucking love this workout, ostarine definately helps with pumps for this one, not a huge difference but its there.
1rm bench after 3setx8rep pause bench, 82.5kg, no spotter around me, AND with a 2 second pause. very happy!
ate 3700 cals

Day 25
Rest day, work all day
ate 3700

Day 26
Rest day, work all day
ate 3600

Day 27
Heavy lower and weigh in!
85.8kg bodyweight (188lb)
put my squat up to 85kg and smashed out 3 sets of 5! i am now squatting my bodyweight! finally! up again next week!
deadlift smashed out 3 sets of 95kg x 3 reps, dropped the reps because volume kills my lower back, and i have been pain free!! no pain during, after, or even the next day! 100kgx3x3 next week!
3600 cal

Day 28
Heavy Upper.. and end of week4 osta
3 sets bench 77.5kg x 4reps, failed on the very last rep! dammit! pushed out 2 singles of 82.5kg after this, easy!
1 set of OHP 37.5kg x 5reps, wanted 6 but got 5, still good, will up to 40 next week and hang around there til i can get the 6 rep, then move up.
feeling a bit psyched out this session, not the best sleep its very humid at night now!
3600 cal

Osta so far:
these increases in volume and weights are due to the linear progression of my program, although i have noticed that my progression is slightly faster, when i say slightly i mean barely noticable, but still there. not sure if this is my body or the ostarine, but i am staying shredded at 3600-3700 cals, maybe even losing bodyfat, its hard to tell because i look so flat in the morning but really full right before bed!
I am a bit more vascular than before, but its really not noticable until i get into the gym on volume upper day, i'm focusing more on strength gains atm then muscle gains, although i'm still incorperating 2 bodybuilding type days. i'm finding the powerlifting style training really fun and its really growing on me, purely because i've always been weak!

so far so good, if you have any input just go ahead, any questions i dont mind.