21yr M

Haven't cycled sarms before, but am very interested in the healing benefits of Ostarine. I don't have the healthiest of joints so I'd hope to benefit from ostarine. Since being my first go around I'd like to start off with a standalone Ostarine cycle since it is more mild in comparison to LGD.
I've tried finding the information on how to go about the cycle as well as a PCT, but the post are scattered. I'm looking for some one with previous experience to compile a list on on how to go about it.

1) dosage of Ostarine daily? Recommended run length for first time.
2) do I need to run anything along with the Ostarine?
3) Mini Pct, what when and how.

Sorry for the basic questions, I'm new to this. If you know of a post with this information all in one place direct me to it. Thanks.