Like 300...320...350 or even 400 or more lbs big.

So, starting with Dorian Yates in his classic B&W video 'Blood & Guts' where we see an off season Yates at a reported 305-310lbs smashing the weights he gave us a clue. I've seen the same clue or clues in the HUGE strength athletes (150kg / 330lbs+) I've trained with, competed against and just plain been around.

With the rare exception they are all CHILLED AS F**K. Now they ALL have godly genetics. But you can't learn from that. If you're reading this it's too late to get better genes via your family. Not just big old bones but an ability to eat massive amounts of food and digest them well. It's a given that they can move a lot of weight for reps in the gym. We've covered some of the real big guys in the Hardcore postcast series. It's as equal a given that they'll be using PEDs but 95% of these freaks were big mofos before. They just became bigger ones after.

No. The secret you can try and apply to you is being chilled as f**k when you're not in the gym. From having super supportive partners and training buddies deal with crap for you. Having quiet 'me time' during the day. Not reacting with anger to stuff outside the gym and letting silly stuff piss you off (let it slide bro...). Even to not getting on edge with some of the harder AAS.

All those I know only ever 'turned it up to 11' in the gym. Even if they worked the doors or did some kinda security they'd laugh while you saw other raging. A few were so nasty big and hard looking you kinda didn't wanna see them on a rage outside of lifting.

So... just relax... save the rage for the weights